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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
German to EnglishNussbaum, Walnussbaum walnut Wood/Holz
German to EnglishPockholz Lignum vitae Wood/Holz
German to EnglishBuche beech Wood/Holz
German to EnglishWeißbuche hornbeam Wood/Holz
German to EnglishKirschbaum cherry Wood/Holz
German to EnglishAhorn maple Wood/Holz
German to EnglishFichte spruce Wood/Holz
German to EnglishTanne fir Wood/Holz
German to EnglishLoblollypine southern yellow pine Wood/Holz
German to EnglishFaserrichtung grain direction Wood/Holz
German to EnglishMaserung grain pattern Wood/Holz
German to Englishquer zur Faser cross-grain Wood/Holz
German to EnglishSplintholz sapwood Wood/Holz
German to EnglishKernholz heartwood Wood/Holz
English to Germanray Markstrahl, Holzstrahl Wood/Holz
German to EnglishMarkstrahl medullary ray Wood/Holz
German to EnglishSpiegel ray flecks Wood/Holz
German to EnglishStirnseite end grain Wood/Holz
German to EnglishFöhre Scots pine Wood/Holz
German to EnglishBläue blue stain Wood/Holz
German to EnglishRiegelahorn fiddleback maple Wood/Holz
German to EnglishEdelholz fine hardwood Wood/Holz
German to EnglishKiefer Scots pine Wood/Holz
German to EnglishMarkröhre pith Wood/Holz
German to EnglishBruchleiste hinge Wood/Holz
English to Germandowel pin Passstift Wood/Holz
English to GermanStocken spalting Wood/Holz