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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
German to EnglishVerzug delay of performance Contracts
German to EnglishVertragsverletzung breach/violation of contract Contracts
German to EnglishVertragsstörung default in performance Contracts
German to EnglishAbsatz subsection or paragraph Contracts
German to English§ section Contracts
German to Englishweitergehende Ansprüche des Auftraggebers bleiben unberührt Any other claims of the client shall remain unaffected Contracts
German to EnglishTz. = Teilziffer subparagraph/item Contracts
German to EnglishZiffer clause Contracts
German to EnglishBestimmung provision Contracts
German to EnglishAllgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen General Terms and Conditions Contracts
German to Englishunwirksam inoperable/void/invalid Contracts
German to EnglishVertragspartner contractual partner/party to the contract Contracts
German to Englishunangemessen benachteiligen unreasonably disadvantage Contracts
German to Englishentgegen den Geboten contrary to the requirements Contracts
German to Englishfestsetzen stipulate Contracts
German to EnglishGeboten von Treu und Glauben requirements of good faith Contracts
German to Englishnicht zu vereinbaren irreconcilable with Contracts
German to Englishwesentliche Grunddedanken essential basic principles Contracts
German to Englishgesetzliche Regelung statutory provision Contracts
German to Englishabweichen deviate Contracts
German to Englishgefährden jeopardize/place at risk Contracts
German to Englishnichtig void Contracts
German to EnglishWertungsmöglichkeit reasonableness test Contracts
German to EnglishAnnahmefrist period of time for acceptance Contracts
German to EnglishLeistungsfrist period of time for performance Contracts
German to EnglishNachfrist grace period Contracts
German to EnglishAblehnung eines Angebotes refusal to accept an offer Contracts
German to EnglishErbringung einer Leistung effecting performance Contracts
German to Englishvorbehalten reserve Contracts
German to EnglishRücktrittsvorbehalt reservation for terminating the contract Contracts
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