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LanguagesTermTranslationGlossary name
German to Englishabbinden thicken, bind Cooking
German to Englishablöschen deglaze Cooking
German to Englishabbrausen rinse Cooking
German to Englishabreiben grate Cooking
German to Englishabschmecken taste and season if necessary Cooking
German to Englishabschrecken quench Cooking
German to Englishabsieben drain, strain Cooking
German to Englishabtropfen drain Cooking
German to Englishabtupfen pat Cooking
German to EnglishAlgin sodium alginate Cooking
German to Englishanbraten sear Cooking
German to Englishanmachen dress (a salad), prepare, mix with Cooking
German to EnglishAnisstern star anise Cooking
German to Englishanrichten plating, garnishing, presentation, dress Cooking
German to EnglishAnsatz base Cooking
German to Englishanschwitzen sauté, brown in fat, sweat (veggies) Cooking
German to Englishantauen defrost Cooking
German to EnglishApfelsäure malic acid Cooking
German to EnglishAufkochen bring to a boil Cooking
German to EnglishAuflage sauce Cooking
German to EnglishAufschnittmaschine slicing machine Cooking
German to EnglishAusbauen aging Cooking
German to EnglishAusgelöst gutted Cooking
German to EnglishAuskochen braise Cooking
German to EnglishAuslaugen leach out Cooking
German to EnglishAussortieren discard Cooking
German to EnglishAyu sweetfish Cooking
German to EnglishBackofengitter oven grill Cooking