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Italian to EnglishTermine a difesa time limit for filing a defence simon legal
Italian to Englishconferma totale dell'atto impugnato uphold the disputed order/order appealed against simon legal
Italian to Englishatto impositivo (payment) order simon legal
Italian to Englisha vario titolo  on various grounds simon legal
Italian to Englishatti relativi al dibattimento  trial documents simon legal
Italian to Englishmemorie di replica  (closing) reply briefs simon legal
Italian to Englishdi maggior favore a vantaggio most favourable to simon legal
Italian to Englishatti di costituzione in mora default proceedings simon legal
Italian to Englishesclusiva exclusive agency rights simon legal
Italian to Englishscadenza contrattuale expiration/expiry of the contract simon legal
Italian to Englishtribunale intestato court appealed/applied to (herein) simon legal
Italian to Englishin via tra di loro congiunta o disgiunta jointly or severally simon legal
Italian to Englishal quale si fa rinvio per quanto non riportato which should be referred to for any matters not covered herein simon legal
Italian to Englishnesso di pregiudizialità reciproca per incompatibilità  (mutual) procedural incompatibility simon legal
Italian to Englishcostituirsi nei modi e termini di cui agli art. 38 etc. to enter/file an appearance according to the procedures and time limits laid down under articles... simon legal
Italian to Englisholtre ad interessi di legge  plus legal interest simon legal
Italian to Englishdomande attoree claimant's/plaintiff's submissions/pleadings simon legal
Italian to EnglishLa parte in sede di contraddittorio during discussion of the matter under dispute, the party... simon legal
Italian to EnglishVista l'istanza in data 16 Maggio con la quale il Presidente having regard to the application/request of 16 May, in which the President/Chairman simon legal
Italian to EnglishV.P.A. certified (signature) simon legal

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