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As a translator, what is your first priority to spend money on?
Other - N/A 31.8%
Computers 21.5%
Continuing professional education (training, etc) 13.9%
Translation software 12.6%
Memberships/subscriptions 11.1%
Dictionaries 3.1%
Office accommodations 2.7%
Website/advertising 2.0%
Insurance 1.3%
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Archived polls

What is the most serious mistake one can make when translating?
By Linh Hoang - featured on Mar 31, 2012
Omitting key words or information 46.9%
Translating word for word 19.7%
Other - N/A 17.3%
Grammatical errors/inconsistency 9.6%
Inserting additional information 3.7%
Spelling errors 2.9%
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