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When did you last raise your rates?
1 - 3 years ago 21.0%
Within the last 6 months 19.3%
Other - N/A 18.4%
Within the last year 18.2%
More than 5 years ago 8.2%
3 - 5 years ago 8.0%
I have lowered my rates 7.0%
920 vote(s). You have voted on this poll.
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Archived polls

Is it acceptable to mix 2 different languages in informal speech or writing?
By Kasia E Slobodzian-Taylor - featured on Nov 24, 2011
Yes, and I do it 37.6%
Maybe 17.1%
No, if done by language professionals 15.9%
No 14.5%
Yes, but I don't do it 7.5%
Other - N/A 7.4%
1720 vote(s). You have voted on this poll.
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