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How did you mainly learn your source language(s)?
By anonymous
Studied it/took classes 56.8%
Exchange program/lived abroad 14.8%
Grew up in a bilingual situation 9.5%
Other - N/A 9.0%
Reading/self taught 6.0%
Married into it 3.9%
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Archived polls

How do you chill out after a hard day's work on a tough translation project?
By Alison Schwitzgebel - featured on Dec 1, 2011
Other 28.2%
Take in a movie 13.4%
A long walk 11.3%
A comfy chair and a good book 10.1%
Play with the kids 9.8%
A hot bath 8.7%
An evening out with friends 8.6%
A strenuous workout 5.7%
Play with the pets 2.8%
Go dancing 1.3%
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