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Powwows are informal get-togethers of groups of users living in close proximity. The events are organized by local translators, for local translators.

Upcoming Powwows

»» Buenos Aires - Jul 6 2007
"Fue mi primer Powwow: me reencontré con compañeras de la Facu y conocí gente nueva. Muy bueno el lugar... ¿Qué más puedo pedir? Gracias, Mónica, por organizarlo y gracias, muchachos del Staff, por haberlo hecho posible."

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Country City Date Event Organizer Attendees
Mar del Plata  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Powwow post-seminario
Nov 28  
M. Paula Durrosier
15 (11)
Santos  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
The 11th Seaside Powwow
Dec 12  
Jorge Rodrigues
9 (3/2)
Kitchener  Organizer Reporter 
Golden Triangle Year-End Meetup
Tom Ellett
3 (3)
Alicante  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Para conocernos y crear un vínculo
Dec 12  
8 (2)
United Kingdom
Cardiff  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Christmas powwow
Dec 11  
Victoria Burns
13 (6)
United Kingdom
Cardiff  Organizer Reporter 
A sobering start to the new year
Jan 9 2016  
Lloyd Bingham
4 (1)
United Kingdom
Chester  Organizer Reporter 
Get together to mark the New Year!
Jan 4 2016  
Joanna M Case
United Kingdom
Edinburgh  Organizer Reporter 
Translators' Christmas night out
Dec 3  
Julian Wagstaff
14 (8/4/2)
United Kingdom
London  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Networking drinks
Jan 21 2016  
Rebecca Hendry
41 (1/9)
United Kingdom
Manchester  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Christmas Powwow!
Dec 12  
Sara Colombo
10 (1)
Dublin  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Freelance translators in Dublin
Nov 26  
Marie Le Men
Bologna  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
3° Powwow Bolognese
Jan 16 2016  
Fiona Grace Peterson
13 (1/4)
Luxembourg  Organizer Reporter 
Freelance translators in Lux
Dec 4  

To attend a powwow, you must be a member.
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