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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 23 ara>eng بالتعريف are specifically against pro closed no
- May 23 ara>eng اصحاب المصالح المتضررة people/stakeholders whose interests are affected pro closed no
- May 20 ara>eng تنوء تحت are enduring pro open no
4 Apr 25 ara>eng قسم قيد المنشأة enterprise registration department pro closed ok
4 Apr 6 ara>eng بويتاتي my dear little home pro closed no
4 Mar 23 ara>eng التقيد والتنفيذ comply/adhere and implement pro closed ok
4 Mar 15 ara>eng أشهد على نفسه testified for himself pro closed ok
4 Mar 15 ara>eng MB العلاج بوجود order to treat multibacillary/leprosy patients pro closed no
4 Mar 15 ara>eng ًتحقيق معرفته عينا visual/physical recognition pro closed ok
4 Mar 15 ara>eng سكرتارية الملحقية الطبية administrative unit / chancery / office of the clerk pro closed no
- Mar 15 ara>eng مكرمة ex gratia pro closed ok
4 Mar 14 ara>eng الملحقية الطبية medical attaché office pro closed ok
4 Mar 14 ara>eng عمل الذراع العقارية للبنك bank's real estate department pro closed ok
4 Mar 14 ara>eng بوطات clusters / groups pro closed ok
- Mar 10 ara>eng مناصفة اذن مزدوج Taef is at even/fifty fifty, consequently bilateral pro open no
- Mar 7 ara>eng حدود مقر أعمال within the limits of the first party's business territory/field pro open no
- Feb 26 ara>eng يتقدم خطوة خطوة move forward step by step pro closed ok
- Feb 5 ara>eng الأحكام التعميمية mainstream judgments pro closed ok
- Feb 6 ara>eng نخب أهلية civil elite pro open no
4 Feb 5 ara>eng التسيير التشاركي participatory management pro closed ok
4 Feb 5 ara>eng المتأثرون بالمشاريع Project-affected persons pro closed ok
4 Jul 30 '15 ara>eng بكل تحفظ واحترام with reservation and appreciation pro closed ok
4 Jul 6 '15 ara>eng فريضة شرعية lawful share in inheritance pro closed ok
4 Jun 29 '15 ara>eng مراجعة وزارة العمل to check with the Ministry of Labour pro closed ok
4 Jun 14 '15 ara>eng توكيل بالزواج proxy marriage pro closed no
- Jun 13 '15 ara>eng اكل الاموال بالباطل seizing money illegally pro closed no
- May 27 '15 ara>eng العدلية Ministry of justice region/street pro closed no
- May 25 '15 ara>eng عقدة contact point / touchpoint pro closed ok
- May 24 '15 ara>eng عرضيات contingent pro just_closed no
- May 23 '15 ara>eng فك العزلة عن relief/loose the isolation of pro just_closed no
4 May 23 '15 ara>eng أفضل وأنسب فعالية the best and most suitable/adequate/appropriate effectiveness pro closed ok
- May 21 '15 ara>eng لجان الرد Reports of the (parliamentary) committees in response to the governments'.... pro closed ok
4 May 21 '15 ara>eng استعادت القانون reviewed pro closed ok
4 May 14 '15 ara>eng عرف بهما بما سلف ذكره presented/known as aforementioned therein pro closed ok
- May 9 '15 ara>eng سالكي الشارع passers-by pro closed ok
- May 9 '15 ara>eng استجابة approval/acceptance pro closed no
- May 3 '15 ara>eng المعرفة والشهرة cognizance and reputation pro closed ok
- May 3 '15 ara>eng تحاليل اورام tumor analysis pro closed ok
- Apr 30 '15 ara>eng بموجب according to/as per the provisions of ..... pro closed ok
- Apr 29 '15 ara>eng دون الرجوع إلي without recourse to us pro closed ok
4 Apr 29 '15 ara>eng حسابي لديكم my account with you pro closed ok
- Apr 28 '15 ara>eng الدفع بالصورية fraudulent misrepresentation/tort of deceit pro closed ok
- Apr 15 '15 ara>eng يتحمل مسؤوليتها shall be held liable for.... pro closed ok
- Apr 12 '15 ara>eng تم تحرير هذا العقد drawn up pro closed ok
4 Mar 30 '15 ara>eng تم اعتماد...من اصلها has been adopted based on its original.... pro closed ok
- Mar 19 '15 ara>eng لمزاولة نشاط وكالة سفر to perform the operations of a travel agent pro closed no
- Mar 17 '15 ara>eng وكالة قانونية warrant of attorney pro closed no
- Mar 16 '15 ara>eng نسبة الفارق في المساحة the area's difference rate pro closed no
- Mar 16 '15 ara>eng المساحات الواردة the area mentioned pro closed ok
4 Mar 6 '15 ara>eng تصريح authorization/permit/clearance, preparation order, and inspection pro closed ok
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