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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 16 ara>eng القنوات التراسلية Transmission channels pro closed ok
- Oct 21 ara>eng ضوابط القيد Controls on the restriction of... pro closed ok
- Oct 21 ara>eng بما لا يتعارض without prejudice to pro closed ok
- Sep 22 ara>eng تبين ما يلي the following has been found out pro closed no
4 Sep 21 ara>eng يصدّعون الأسماع relentlessly sound off pro closed no
4 Sep 19 ara>eng الدرر السنية Ad-Durar As-Saniyyah pro closed no
4 Sep 5 ara>eng متأهلة بمن Welcoming pro closed no
- Sep 6 ara>eng لإعداد القادة Ajman Leaders Program pro closed ok
4 Jul 8 ara>eng رؤوس الآيات The end of verses pro closed ok
- Jul 6 ara>eng فرضاً وتعصيباً by virtue of his prescribed share and agnation pro closed ok
4 Jul 7 ara>eng عمل تربة إحلال replacement soil pro closed no
4 Jun 24 ara>eng خالعتك I seek divorce by Khula`/ I dissolve our marriage through Khula` pro closed no
- May 21 ara>eng عاد ممتدا spread out/ throughout...again pro closed ok
- May 21 ara>eng استعادت القانون restor/ put back in place pro closed ok
4 May 21 ara>eng إرثهم من تركة their shares in the estate of pro closed no
4 May 13 ara>eng berwetta lazy / unemotional pro closed ok
4 May 6 ara>eng tnena l 7ded we bent the iron pro closed ok
- May 4 ara>eng خروجه escape / release pro closed ok
- May 2 ara>eng afla impasse, deadlock, apathy pro closed ok
4 Apr 29 ara>eng اشتراط وحدة الخصوم identity of parties pro closed ok
- Apr 26 ara>eng نصراني ونص I do mean Nasrani pro closed ok
4 Apr 14 ara>eng bnkreas omk fe el3esha wla tar Sarcastic way of sweetheart, honey, etc. pro closed no
4 Apr 14 ara>eng تلاقي الإرادات Meeting of wills pro closed no
- Feb 26 ara>eng الواعز الوطني nationalistic or patriotic motive, motivation, urge pro closed ok
- Feb 15 ara>eng اضواء على Spotlights on/ focus pro closed no
- Feb 8 ara>eng على مثال suggest leaving it out pro closed ok
4 Jan 27 ara>eng شللية Cliquishness/ cliquism pro closed no
4 Dec 21 '14 ara>eng استقدامهم للاقامة Bringing-in Family pro closed no
- Dec 18 '14 ara>eng حراك الشارع Hirak ash-Shaari' pro closed ok
4 Dec 17 '14 ara>eng لا مانع من استخدامها no objection to use it pro closed ok
4 Dec 17 '14 ara>eng محدّد لها scheduled on pro closed ok
- Dec 9 '14 ara>eng النهاية الصغرى Passing grade pro closed ok
- Dec 1 '14 ara>eng كورك howdah pro open no
- May 6 '14 ara>eng مرجل النهضة يغلي renaissance lion is roaring/ growling pro just_closed no
- Feb 26 '14 ara>eng العلامة erudite pro closed no
4 Feb 17 '14 ara>eng 7rb elfowat Fighting bullies pro closed no
4 Feb 18 '14 ara>eng borto asout Port Assiut pro closed no
- Feb 10 '14 ara>eng osstik rubber-like pro closed ok
4 Feb 10 '14 ara>eng fakas not cool pro closed ok
- Feb 9 '14 ara>eng جـدول البرمجـة الزمنيـة timeline/ schedule pro closed no
4 Feb 8 '14 ara>eng sehan Faces pro closed ok
4 Feb 9 '14 ara>eng منتصف السكيك street/ lane pro closed no
- Feb 4 '14 ara>eng العدلان المنتصبان للأشهاد presence of two just male witnesses for attestation pro closed ok
4 Feb 3 '14 ara>eng bfrksh End/ Cancel/ that's a wrap pro closed ok
4 Feb 3 '14 ara>eng Ta3ashabshay come have a tea with me pro closed ok
4 Feb 2 '14 ara>eng dm3' bawbin addicted by doormen pro closed ok
4 Feb 2 '14 ara>eng Offa stupid, idiot, dumb pro closed ok
- Feb 1 '14 ara>eng ثبتوا على مواقفهم remained firm on/ maintained pro closed ok
- Jan 31 '14 ara>eng غير الداخل ولا المختلي بها الخلوة الشرعية Without consummating marriage or having Sharia-compliant Khulwa pro just_closed no
4 Jan 28 '14 ara>eng راعي الكنيسة Pastor pro closed ok
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