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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 19 por>eng morde e assopra one is strict and the other more lenient pro open no
- May 18 eng>por go light on não exagere pro open no
- May 16 por>eng cotada plans showing elevations pro open no
- May 16 por>eng abafos mufflers pro closed ok
- May 14 eng>por F06 – SHIFT/BRAKE SWITCH (10A) interruptor de mudanças/travão (10a) pro closed ok
- May 12 por>eng roqueiro rock 'n' roll musician pro open no
- May 12 por>eng infância carente underprivileged/unhappy childhood pro open no
- May 12 por>eng já caiu por terra isn't necessarily true /has been blown out of the water/doesnt hold water/ pro closed ok
- May 12 por>eng negativos conduits pro closed ok
- May 11 por>eng VIGIA Estate Manager / Game Keeper pro open no
- May 10 eng>por finishing school colégio de debutantes pro closed ok
- May 8 eng>por note re Apontamento ref. (ao) easy closed no
- May 8 eng>por Mill um motor (or if you want to keep the gíria - UMA BOMBA!) pro closed ok
- May 7 por>eng Loja do cidadão Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) pro closed no
- May 5 por>eng mercado de vizinhança environs market pro closed no
4 May 6 por>eng janela de peito flush (casement) window pro closed ok
- May 6 eng>por statutory inspection inspecção regulamentada pro closed ok
- May 2 por>eng se... forem ocupados mainly in the populated areas in the south of the island pro open no
- May 3 por>eng O caminho até Tsihlqot´in the TRAIL to (whatever the ***** it is) pro closed no
- May 4 eng>por china egg ovos falsos pro closed ok
- Apr 28 por>eng Estava a ver... well, it looks like it! pro closed ok
- Apr 26 por>eng depêndencia administrativa resources dependence pro closed ok
3 Apr 26 por>eng Recalcador bandsaw kerf setter or hook setter - take your pick pro closed no
- Apr 24 por>eng meter a banca made it large, innit? pro closed no
- Apr 25 por>eng Máquina Vira Cama de Aviário aviary litter turning machine pro just_closed no
4 Apr 24 por>eng Pulas honkies pro closed no
- Apr 24 por>eng carta de cliente customer loyalty card pro just_closed no
- Apr 23 por>eng quem pode, pode that's the way the cookie crumbles! pro closed ok
- Apr 23 eng>por Drawstrings, Cords, Toggles and Hoods Cordões de Aperto, cordões, berloques e capuzes pro closed ok
- Apr 23 por>eng Cozinheiro de 1ª Head chef pro just_closed no
- Apr 23 eng>por soft margarines margarinas para barrar pro closed ok
- Apr 22 eng>por split lock and flat washers anilhas de mola, e anilhas chatas/planas/lisas pro closed ok
- Apr 20 por>eng agricultor remediado sharecropper pro closed ok
- Apr 17 eng>por drop-in session Sessões pontuais pro closed no
- Apr 17 por>eng em chapa de aço monobloco solid steel sheet pro closed ok
- Apr 16 eng>por to pump (a shotgun) carregar a caçadeira pro closed ok
- Apr 16 por>eng SEM DISCIPLINA UNSPECIFIED pro closed ok
- Apr 15 por>eng Criação em Cativeiro are raised in nurseries pro closed ok
- Apr 15 por>eng divulgação disclose/disseminate easy closed no
- Apr 15 por>eng gorduras de Estado government squandering pro just_closed no
- Apr 15 por>eng Bucha spigot pro closed no
- Apr 13 eng>por spot spot pro closed ok
- Apr 12 eng>por at cliff objects falésias/penhascos easy just_closed no
2 Apr 12 eng>por accurate as of em vigor/válida desde Abril easy closed no
4 Apr 12 por>eng Técnico de pesagens Weighing Technician pro closed ok
- Apr 10 eng>por journaled investigado pro closed ok
- Apr 10 por>eng Crimes em Espécie Crimes in kind pro open no
3 Apr 9 por>eng deficit e atencao Attention Deficit Disorder ADD pro closed ok
4 Apr 8 por>eng atrasados da execução arrears pro closed ok
- Apr 8 eng>por Doomsday mythos filosofia apocaliptica ou filosofia do mito apocalíptico pro closed ok
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