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Mission Statement: Unser Übersetzungsbüro in Hamburg ist seit 2001 ein geschätzter Partner, wenn kompetente & zuverlässige Fachübersetzungen oder beglaubigte Übersetzungen benötigt werden. Übersetzungsdienste in Hamburg, Berlin, München, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Köln, Hannover, Leipzig, Koblenz, Stuttgart, Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, etc.

Industries / markets / subject areas

Engineering, Finance / Banking / Accounting, Law/Legal, Medical/Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical, Advertising (marketing), Advertising (media), Aerospace, Agriculture, Architecture, Art/literary, Automotive, Biotechnology, Business products, Chemical, Compliance, Construction, Consumer products, Defense, Electronics, Energy, Entertainment, Environmental, Environmental Engineering, Fashion, Finance (Microfinance), Financial/markets, Government, Healthcare, Higher Education, Homeopathy, Hospitality, Information technology, Insurance, Internet/E-commerce, Investment / Securities, Journalism, Logistics, Machine tools, Management, Manufacturing/Industrial, Marketing/Communications, Metallurgy/casting, Oil, Paper/paper mills, Philosophy, Real estate, Religion, Safety, SAP ERP, Security, Social sciences, Software, Software (educational), Software (games), Software (multimedia), Sports, Telecommunications, Tourism, Training/Education.

Job / document types

Books, Brochures, Catalogs, Certificates, Contracts and agreements, Corporate letters, Economic/Trade materials, Film scripts, Flyers, Legal content, Legal documents, Letters/Emails, Manuals, Manuals (pharmaceutical), Manuals (technical), Marketing, Medical records/documents, Newsletters, Patents, Presentations, Scientific , Software.

Services/Products Offered

Document translation, Editing, Interpreting, Localization, Proofreading, Translation.

Languages offered/supported

Serbian, Croatian, Flemish, Farsi (Persian), Valencia, Arabic, Armenian, Asturian, Basque, Belarusian, Catalan, Chinese, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Georgian, Galician, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Latvian, Macedonian, Norwegian(Nynorsk), Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Prakritlanguages, Russian, Scots, Serbo-Croat. Is willing to work with other languages upon request.
Technische, beglaubigte Übersetzungen
50-99 languages supported
Steenkamp 9d
Hamburg, Hamburg
Beglaubigte Übersetzungen, ÜBERSETZUNGSBÜRO in HAMBURG
Established in 2001
100-500 employees
Thousands of words per day

Standards / certifications

  • EN 15038
  • Notary Approved



Currencies accepted

Euro (EUR), U. S. dollars (USD)


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SERVEI DE TRADUCCiÓ BARCELONA CATALUNYA. AGENCIA DE TRADUCCIÓN en BARCELONA, SERVICIO DE TRADUCCIÓN MADRID, EMPRESA DE TRADUCCIÓN MADRID, BARCELONA
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