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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 23 eng>deu Investigator Site File (ISF) Investigator Site FIL (ISF) pro open no
- Nov 12 deu>deu Mit Bindestrich oder ohne? Steakhaus-Pommes Frites pro closed ok
4 Nov 1 deu>eng Collier chocker versus necklace pro closed ok
- Oct 21 deu>deu Crash Gruppe Liebeskind Crash pro open no
- Oct 21 eng>deu remain in office every year automatisch für ein weiteres Jahr verlängert pro closed no
- Oct 16 deu>eng sortenrein varietally pure - varietal pure pro closed ok
4 Sep 24 deu>eng Salzvorrat when the salt container has to be refilled pro closed ok
- Sep 19 eng>deu to form investment views bei Anlageentscheidungen pro closed no
- Sep 17 eng>deu lifetime activities stehen lassen pro open no
- Sep 17 dut>deu konfijt Konfit pro closed ok
4 Sep 14 deu>eng gemüsefähige Boden soils suitable for growing vegetables pro closed no
- Sep 12 deu>eng Tomatenfindling a small tomato plant was discovered pro closed ok
4 Sep 12 deu>eng lehmige anmoorige Erde loamy, peaty mineral soil pro closed no
- Sep 12 deu>eng Anbauschwerpunkt The main types grown are pro closed ok
- Aug 30 deu>eng Anlagen- und Investitionsprozess investments and capital expenditures pro open no
4 Aug 24 eng>deu no-bulk silhouette trägt nicht auf pro closed ok
4 Aug 25 deu>eng Verriegelung des Auftritts interlocking (of) the platform pro closed ok
- Aug 24 eng>deu Acidified Cleaning Agents saure Reinigungsmittel pro closed ok
- Aug 24 deu>eng Der Schafprofi Sheep wool insulation/protection for your garden pro closed no
4 Aug 16 eng>deu ROV operations (eyeball and workclass) Work-Class ROV pro closed no
- Aug 14 deu>eng Erstreckungsrichtung direction of orientation pro closed ok
4 Aug 11 deu>eng Sedimentierter Suspensionskuchen sedimented suspension cake pro closed no
- Aug 9 eng>deu proportions of drinks Anteil / Menge der unten angegebenen Biermarken pro closed ok
4 Aug 6 deu>eng Einlegesieb strainer insert / strainer for inserting pro closed ok
- Jul 31 deu>eng Krampfzustände cramps pro closed ok
4 Jul 21 deu>eng Urgent: festgestellt detailed pro closed no
4 Jul 10 eng>deu timing pump Zahnriemenpumpe pro closed ok
4 Jun 10 deu>eng materialabgewandt facing away from pro closed no
4 May 26 eng>deu asset sharing gemeinsame Nutzung pro closed ok
4 May 24 deu>eng Mezzagommasohle mezzagomma sole / half rubber sole pro closed ok
- May 19 fra>deu Chlore actif à 10 g/L Aktivchlor (10g/l) pro just_closed no
4 May 16 dut>deu Twinrig methode "Twin Rig"-Verfahren pro closed ok
3 May 15 deu>eng Feuchtigkeitsfalten moisture wrinkles pro closed no
4 May 15 eng>deu pig unit manager Leiter Schweinemast pro closed ok
- May 11 deu>eng im Leben angekommen has arrived at a turning point in his life pro closed ok
3 May 11 deu>eng indiziert drawing including reference signs pro closed ok
4 May 10 dut>deu hetelucht-turbulentie Heißluftturbulenzen pro closed ok
- May 6 deu>eng hochschulort rephrase pro closed ok
- Apr 10 deu>eng Kittelflaschen pocket bottles pro just_closed no
- Apr 9 eng>deu (domain) cancellation Kündigung pro just_closed no
4 Apr 1 deu>eng Sternhammer star hammer pro closed ok
3 Mar 28 deu>eng Förderinstitut development agency / bank pro closed ok
4 Mar 28 eng>deu xy backoffice Backoffice-Software pro closed ok
4 Mar 28 deu>eng Schlüsselgewalt power over the keys pro closed ok
- Mar 17 deu>eng Leitender Staatsanwalt Deputy Lead Prosecutor pro closed no
- Mar 17 deu>eng hervorrief oder in Kauf nahm, caused or (implicitly) accepted pro closed ok
4 Mar 12 deu>eng "grüner Wiese' greenfield pro closed ok
- Mar 12 dut>deu mr. P. J. F. C. Puk P.J.F.C. Puk pro closed no
- Mar 11 deu>eng zweckgebundene... special purpose pro closed ok
- Mar 10 eng>eng village bread farm bread, local bread pro just_closed no
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