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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Apr 16 .fs>eng تشدید ایت he was stressing (something)... pro open no
- Apr 15 .fs>eng ت بی پدرو مادر you son-of-a-bitch pro open no
- Apr 15 .fs>eng حق فنی نظامت مدرسه assistant principal's allowance pro open no
- Apr 11 .fs>eng داشتم دماغم با بوی خاک نم کشید ه اش اخت می کردم I was familiarizing my nose with the smell of the damp dirt/dust pro open no
- Apr 11 .fs>eng مرا به صرافت انداخت it occurred to me... pro open no
- Apr 7 .fs>eng مسخ شده ی خنده اش the metamorphosis from his laughter pro open no
- Apr 7 .fs>eng از دور علم افراشته ی هیکل معلم in the distance the raised ensign in the shape of the teacher pro open no
- Apr 7 .fs>eng اقصای عالم (from) the ends of the earth pro open no
- Mar 30 .fs>eng جزو پرقیچی ها ی among the toadies pro closed ok
- Apr 4 .fs>eng بهتر از این نمی شد it was a good as it gets pro open no
4 Apr 3 .fs>eng از آن قاچاق ها (was a) first class skiver pro closed no
4 Apr 3 .fs>eng استغناء با غین و استقراء با قاف phone is spelled with ph and rough is spelled with gh pro closed ok
4 Apr 1 .fs>eng لنگ و پاچه ی سعدی to drag Saadi into this... pro closed no
- Mar 31 .fs>eng گلیم مدرسه را از آب بکشد mind the store/watch the store pro closed no
4 Mar 31 .fs>eng بفهمی نفهمی more or less pro closed ok
- Mar 31 .fs>eng عیب شرعی و عرفی religious and common law faults pro closed ok
- Mar 30 .fs>eng !نان یارو توی روغن بود he's got it made/he's living on easy street pro closed no
4 Mar 20 .fs>eng وقت هواخوری yard time pro closed ok
4 Mar 13 .fs>eng ولی کاری بود و شده بود but it was over and done with pro closed no
4 Mar 13 .fs>eng مو، لای درزش نمی رفت airtight/watertight pro closed no
- Feb 26 .fs>eng 'عبودیت محض' downright slavery pro closed ok
4 Feb 19 .fs>eng زورم آمد I found it hard to.... pro closed no
4 Jan 29 fas>eng زوجین علاوه بر توافقات معموله طلب دیگری از یکدیگر ندارند beyond the customary agreements, the spouses/couple have no further claims against each other pro closed no
4 Jan 25 .fs>eng قربونت. ما را بساز fix us up, love pro closed no
4 Jan 25 .fs>eng جز جز کردن to bizz pro closed no
- Jan 25 .fs>eng کنف شدن feel embarrassed/ashamed pro closed no
- Jan 25 .fs>eng پشۀ جلز و ولزی buzzing mosquito pro closed ok
- Jan 22 eng>fas Cultural Poetics ادبیات سناسی فرهنگی pro closed ok
4 Jan 15 .fs>eng نا رفیق backstabber pro closed ok
4 Jan 15 .fs>eng بی مرام unprinicpled pro closed ok
4 Dec 13 '13 eng>fas get up linen اطوگری کردن pro closed no
- Dec 13 '13 eng>fas Put ’em down سرکوب کردن pro closed ok
- Dec 13 '13 eng>fas Put Down سرکوب کردن pro closed no
- Dec 9 '13 eng>fas cooling on the step خنک/سرد شدن روی پله pro closed no
3 Dec 1 '13 eng>.fs you be in heart اگر در قلبت انسان باشید/اگر قلبت قلب انسان باشد pro closed ok
- Nov 30 '13 .fs>eng بازی اشکنک داره سر شکستنک داره playing can get you black and blue pro open no
4 Nov 26 '13 fas>eng سگ چل سینه saggy-teated dog pro closed ok
4 Nov 23 '13 eng>fas Papers is full of obserwations روزنامه‌ها پر از نظرات/اظهارات است pro closed no
- Nov 20 '13 .fs>eng همان یکبار که قصه گفتم برای همه عمرم بس است telling a/the story that one time will last me a lifetime pro closed no
4 Oct 24 '13 eng>fas delicate woof پارچه لطیف pro closed ok
- Oct 21 '13 eng>fas run them down آنها را خسته می‌کرد pro closed ok
- Aug 29 '13 .fs>eng زیر همه چیز زدن turn one's back on (everything)/reject (everything)/renege (on) pro just_closed no
4 Aug 24 '13 .fs>eng ﻛﻔﻲ lathered/lathery/lathered up pro closed no
- Aug 12 '13 eng>fas The Empire Writes Back جواب از امپراطوری pro closed ok
- Aug 5 '13 fas>eng آبدارخانه tea pantry/tea kitchenette pro closed no
- Aug 5 '13 fas>eng لطفا با هماهنگی وارد شوید visits by appointment only pro closed no
4 Jul 20 '13 fas>eng اتاق زيرشيروانى attic room pro closed ok
- Jul 19 '13 fas>eng عافیت فروشان snake oil seller/quack pro closed ok
4 Jul 19 '13 fas>eng كوه وكمر hill and dale pro closed ok
4 Jul 12 '13 fas>eng وبال گردن to be a millstone/hindrance/handicap to someone pro closed ok
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