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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 May 16 '16 fas>eng به شعله سپردن I consigned (it) to the flames pro closed no
- Mar 14 '16 fas>eng عالم قدسی و ماورایی the sacred world and the world beyond pro closed ok
- Feb 2 '16 .fs>eng خونه ای ایلاتی از اییلاق تا قشلاقه. nomadic seasonal tribal house pro closed ok
4 Dec 22 '15 fas>eng تاهستم و هست دارمش دوست as long as she/he and I exist, I will love her/him pro closed no
- Dec 18 '15 fas>eng گرفتار رسوم دست و پاگیر شدن get caught up/stuck/tied up in cumbersome customs pro closed no
2 Dec 7 '15 .fs>eng خرم pleasant/cheerful pro closed no
- Dec 6 '15 eng>.fs want mules for daughters همه ما قاطر به عنوان دختر می‌خواهیم، مگه نه؟ pro closed ok
4 Dec 6 '15 eng>.fs to find her less than perfect طوری به ما نگاه می‌کرد انگار که ما جرات نداریم او را کمتر از بی نقص بدانیم pro closed ok
4 Dec 5 '15 eng>.fs Lakwet very little girl pro closed ok
4 Dec 4 '15 eng>.fs take down شکار کردن pro closed ok
3 Dec 2 '15 eng>.fs Wrestling totos کشتیگیری با بچه‌ها pro closed ok
4 Nov 29 '15 eng>.fs was D to me به عنوان دی می‌شناختیم اش pro closed ok
- Nov 28 '15 eng>.fs forging or honing آهن ورزی یا تیر کاری pro closed ok
- Nov 24 '15 .fs>.fs حرفو بک جا بزنم where can I express my words pro closed ok
- Oct 24 '15 fas>eng هرکه باران باشد، روی چشم همه پنجره ها جا دارد whatever rain may be is welcome on all windows pro closed no
4 Sep 24 '15 fas>eng زندون نبود prison pro closed no
- Sep 24 '15 fas>eng بد عادتم بکن get me into bad habits pro just_closed no
4 Sep 23 '15 fas>eng خو بگیره get cozy/comfortable with someone pro closed ok
3 Sep 23 '15 fas>eng هم قسم partner in vow pro closed ok
- Sep 23 '15 fas>eng هوات را کرده pining for you pro closed ok
4 Sep 23 '15 fas>eng پایت ریختم lay something at someone's feet pro closed ok
4 Sep 20 '15 fas>eng رنج و عذابه pain and suffering pro closed ok
- Sep 12 '15 fas>eng ضد ضرب counter strike pro just_closed no
4 Aug 20 '15 .fs>eng از کنار هر کس I will kill whoever lets it get past/by him pro closed ok
4 Aug 13 '15 fas>eng چشم ازکسی برگرفتن averted her eyes from... pro closed no
4 Aug 7 '15 fas>eng پشم و پیلی powerless/impotent pro closed ok
4 Aug 5 '15 fas>eng سایه کسی روی سر کس دیگری بودن to have someone watching out for someone else pro closed ok
- Aug 5 '15 fas>eng صدایش خفگی می گرفت (the resonance) of his voice started to choke up pro closed ok
4 Aug 5 '15 fas>eng برگشتین به حرفهای من Now you're saying what I said before. pro closed no
3 Jun 11 '15 fas>eng به من حق بدهید you will have to agree with me pro closed ok
- Jun 11 '15 fas>eng خوشی زیر دلتون زده. had too much of a good thing pro closed ok
4 Jun 11 '15 fas>eng زرق و برق و چین و دانتل glitter and glitz, ruffles and lace pro closed ok
- Jun 12 '15 .fs>eng یک رگ کوچک گرفته باشد a small (muscle) sprain/strain pro open no
- Jun 10 '15 fas>eng زنگی دلهره آور panic inspiring ring pro closed ok
- Jun 10 '15 fas>eng پایش به پای علی گرفت (her) foot caught Ali's foot pro closed ok
- Jun 9 '15 fas>eng رنگ و بوی دیگری پیدا کرده بود had a different flavor pro closed ok
4 Jun 8 '15 fas>eng نمایشی حساب شده بود ....were considered to be for show pro closed ok
- Jun 8 '15 fas>eng لعاب کتیرا به جلوی موهایشان می زند (the boys would) apply gum tragacanth to the front of their hair pro closed ok
- Jun 8 '15 fas>eng همه ی نیرویش را جمع می کرد call up all one's strength pro closed ok
- May 28 '15 eng>.fs to tear your way in بایست با ملافه‌ها جنگید تا وارد تخت بشوی pro closed no
- May 29 '15 fas>eng خیالتون راحت باشه not to worry about it pro closed ok
4 May 28 '15 eng>.fs turn down those stiff sheets بر گرداندن آن ملافه‌های سفت‌ pro closed no
4 May 28 '15 eng>.fs may pitch a little تکان تکان خوردن pro closed no
- May 27 '15 fas>eng معاملات خوابید business/transactions came to a halt pro closed ok
- May 26 '15 fas>eng جوابش کرده است tell someone off/tell someone where to get off pro closed ok
4 May 23 '15 fas>eng فرق سرش را از وسط باز کرده he parts/parted his hair down the middle pro closed ok
- May 21 '15 fas>eng شاخ و دم نداشتن not to be farfetched pro just_closed no
- May 21 '15 fas>eng عزیز تر از جان dearer than life pro closed no
- May 20 '15 fas>eng غذای زمینی earthly food pro closed ok
4 May 13 '15 fas>eng دل آسمان گرفت the sky turned gloomy pro closed ok
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