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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Dec 16 fas>eng با دمش گردو می شکست jump for joy pro open no
- Dec 12 fas>eng سرپرست فرمانداری ویژه head of the special governorate (of Abadan) pro closed no
- Dec 12 fas>eng دیدش نسبت به من عوض بشه to change his/her opinion of me pro closed ok
4 Dec 12 fas>eng جو روانی ... ناآرام has put the mental state/atmosphere of this city on edge pro closed ok
- Dec 12 fas>eng سنت شکن tradition-breaking pro open no
4 Nov 24 fas>eng رنج دادن to trouble/torment/distress/pain pro closed ok
4 Nov 24 fas>eng تنیلی آرد به چشمان تو خواب - می شود آینده ات یک سر خراب A young man idle, an old man needy pro closed ok
4 Nov 23 fas>eng تو نیکی می کن و در دجله انداز Virtue is its own reward pro closed ok
4 Oct 26 fas>eng روش تاریخی-اسنادی historical documentary method pro closed ok
- Oct 14 .fs>eng ساقی و باقی Server and Served pro closed ok
- Aug 30 .fs>eng مارپیچ زن milling machine operator pro open no
4 Aug 30 .fs>eng حق بدن to think I am right/to agree with me pro closed ok
- Aug 30 .fs>eng چراغ گردون rotating (emergency/safety) light/lamp pro open no
4 Aug 30 .fs>eng رفع زحمت کردن we better be going/leaving pro closed ok
- Jul 18 .fs>eng پایبند به عروض گذشته devotee of bygone prosody pro closed ok
3 Jul 5 fas>eng خواب قصه reverie pro closed ok
- Jun 15 .fs>eng کله پاچه head and trotters pro closed no
- Jun 14 .fs>eng شیشه عمر life bottle/your most precious possession pro open no
- Jun 14 .fs>eng قهر کردن (to leave/turn away) in a huff pro open no
- Jun 14 .fs>eng او چوپان را به به جای پسر وزیر میگیرد he takes the shepherd for the minister's son pro open no
- May 25 fas>eng سنگینی جرمش این بود that was the extent of his crime pro closed no
- May 25 fas>eng سرسام گرفتن (our) heads are hurting pro closed ok
4 May 25 fas>eng شب و روز نداشتن not to have a moment's peace/rest pro closed ok
- May 16 fas>eng کدخدا منشی like a village chief/headman pro closed ok
- May 16 fas>eng امامزاده ای یا سقا خانه ای دو قلو twin Imamzadehs or neighborhood shrines pro closed ok
4 May 6 fas>eng بیش تر شان کفش حسابی ندارند most of them didn't have good (quality) shoes pro closed no
4 May 6 fas>eng آن که لنگر به سینه انداخته بود the one with the anchor on his chest pro closed ok
4 May 5 fas>eng اما انگار نه انگار He was oblivious to it all. pro closed no
- May 5 fas>eng سرش توی حساب بود knew what was up pro closed no
- May 5 fas>eng سبزه رو dark-skinned pro just_closed no
4 Apr 25 eng>fas که مرتبه براق شد he suddenly bristled pro closed ok
4 Apr 24 eng>fas لابد بزک فحش هنوز باقی بود the rouge from the abuse was still there pro closed ok
4 Apr 20 .fs>eng از علم و فرهنگ ثقل سرد بکنند (to) turn them off science and culture big time pro closed ok
- Apr 20 .fs>eng بچه های جغله دلهره ای نداشتم I didn't have any apprehension about the pipsqueaks pro closed no
4 Apr 20 .fs>eng تاتوله خورده بودند . (as if) they had eaten jimson weed/locoweed pro closed ok
4 Apr 16 .fs>eng تشدید ایت he was stressing (something)... pro closed no
4 Apr 15 .fs>eng ت بی پدرو مادر you son-of-a-bitch pro closed no
4 Apr 15 .fs>eng حق فنی نظامت مدرسه assistant principal's allowance pro closed ok
- Apr 11 .fs>eng داشتم دماغم با بوی خاک نم کشید ه اش اخت می کردم I was familiarizing my nose with the smell of the damp dirt/dust pro closed ok
4 Apr 11 .fs>eng مرا به صرافت انداخت it occurred to me... pro closed ok
- Apr 7 .fs>eng مسخ شده ی خنده اش the metamorphosis from his laughter pro just_closed no
4 Apr 7 .fs>eng از دور علم افراشته ی هیکل معلم in the distance the raised ensign in the shape of the teacher pro closed ok
4 Apr 7 .fs>eng اقصای عالم (from) the ends of the earth pro closed ok
- Mar 30 .fs>eng جزو پرقیچی ها ی among the toadies pro closed ok
- Apr 4 .fs>eng بهتر از این نمی شد it was a good as it gets pro closed ok
4 Apr 3 .fs>eng از آن قاچاق ها (was a) first class skiver pro closed no
4 Apr 3 .fs>eng استغناء با غین و استقراء با قاف phone is spelled with ph and rough is spelled with gh pro closed ok
4 Apr 1 .fs>eng لنگ و پاچه ی سعدی to drag Saadi into this... pro closed no
- Mar 31 .fs>eng گلیم مدرسه را از آب بکشد mind the store/watch the store pro closed no
4 Mar 31 .fs>eng بفهمی نفهمی more or less pro closed ok
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