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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Dec 13 esl>eng Bosque de Pino Secundario Arbustivo secondary shrub pine forest pro open no
- Nov 27 fra>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro just_closed no
- Nov 24 esl>eng ambiental was set at room tempersture pro closed no
4 Nov 11 esl>eng CO2(g) pasa a HCO3− becomes/is converted to pro closed no
- Oct 21 esl>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- Oct 3 esl>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro open no
- Oct 3 esl>eng Motor tipo anillo ring motor (drive) pro open no
- Oct 3 esl>eng BOMBA CENTRIFUGA ALIMENTACIÓN PRIMERA LIMPIEZA initial cleaning/flushing of centrifugal pump feed pipe pro open no
4 Sep 25 eng>por leopard wandering spider aranha armadeira leopardo pro closed no
4 Sep 19 deu>eng bei for sample 10: blade 1 at 32 mm and 34 mm pro closed ok
4 Sep 7 esl>eng Si de darse dicha movilización If this transfer/movement (of animals) takes place/is effected/implemented ... pro closed no
4 Sep 7 esl>eng socialización de la realidad make people aware of the situation in each region pro closed no
4 Aug 22 esl>eng una cadena trófica o una cadena alimentaria feeding position in a food chain or a food chain pro closed no
- Jul 22 esl>eng cálculos intencionados definitive calculations pro closed ok
- Jun 26 esl>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- May 4 deu>eng Einordnung des Forschungsgegenstands in den Innovationskontext and the research was (consequently) included in the innovative projects category pro closed no
- Mar 31 deu>esl Weltformel /Naturgesetze fórmula/solución comprensiva (global)/ leyes naturales pro closed ok
- Mar 15 esl>eng Los riesgos potenciales que producirían fugas, está el cambio The potential risks involved with leaks would be changes in land use etc. pro just_closed no
- Mar 13 eng>esl stripping (the drug from...) separar/ quitar pro open no
4 Feb 27 deu>esl Stringtheorie / p-Branen teoría de cuerdas/p-branas pro closed no
4 Jan 28 esl>eng experimenta tensión entre la voluntad propia there's tension/a conflict between what you want and what others want pro closed ok
- Jan 28 esl>eng economía rural de bienestar in a sound/well-founded/robust rural economy pro closed ok
4 Nov 20 '13 eng>eng it is potential to predict it is possible to predict pro closed no
4 Nov 20 '13 eng>eng sentence structure sentence structure is fine pro closed no
4 Aug 17 '13 esl>eng mantiene o sostiene los cambios maintains/sustains or bolsters the changes pro closed ok
- Jul 30 '13 eng>esl (at every) pull en todo caso pro open no
4 Jul 11 '13 esl>eng visión adultista overbearing adult approach/view pro closed ok
- Jun 24 '13 deu>eng unter Überwindung der Dämpfung/Reibung eliminating damping/friction pro closed no
4 Apr 9 '13 esl>eng ángulo de reposo angle of repose pro closed ok
4 Apr 7 '13 esl>eng inclinación muy cercana a la vertical near-vertical sloping/slanting pro closed ok
4 Apr 7 '13 esl>eng se inclinan hacia el sur are south-facing/slanting pro closed ok
4 Apr 7 '13 esl>eng patinas de hierro an iron sheen/iron patina pro closed ok
- Mar 26 '13 esl>eng elecciones según Saenz Peña elections held/conducted in line with the law introduced by Sáenz Peña pro closed ok
- Feb 22 '13 ita>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro open no
4 Feb 19 '13 esl>eng del cuidar al autocuidado para cuidar help the helper to help himself pro closed no
4 Feb 10 '13 ita>eng evento patrocinato da event sponsored by pro closed no
- Jan 25 '13 esl>eng reconociéndose su validez legal while recognizing its legal validity pro closed no
- Nov 11 '12 deu>eng Identitätsreaktion identity reaction pro just_closed no
4 Nov 7 '12 eng>eng Capitalization of remark yes it should be capitalized pro closed ok
4 Nov 6 '12 eng>eng Comma or not comma pro closed no
4 Oct 9 '12 eng>esl National Stock Number número de stock nacional pro closed no
4 Sep 13 '12 ita>eng tronchi fluviali river reaches pro closed ok
- Aug 21 '12 esl>eng pulsos de fructificación anual produce fruit annually/yearly pro closed no
- Aug 13 '12 esl>eng Bosque medio medio secundario medium to medium elevation secondary forest pro closed ok
- Aug 13 '12 esl>eng Bosque alto medio siempreverde high-medium elevation evergreen forest pro just_closed no
- Aug 13 '12 esl>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- Jul 25 '12 deu>eng Quader square(d) (stone) pro closed ok
4 Jul 9 '12 esl>eng MIRADA CUALITATIVA qualitative perspective/viewpoint pro closed ok
- Jun 18 '12 deu>eng zitierfähig veröffentlicht will be published and may be quoted pro closed ok
4 Apr 17 '12 esl>eng hongo micelial micelial fungus pro closed ok
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