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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 24 ita>eng disciplina discipline pro open no
4 Nov 15 esl>eng tramos layer pro closed ok
4 Nov 14 ita>eng cotonello (or "cotonella") citrus mealybug pro closed no
4 Oct 12 esl>eng baños de inmersión immersion baths pro closed no
4 Oct 9 fra>eng élargissement progressif gradual/progressive increase pro closed ok
4 Sep 11 esl>eng Mutación de genes en hominoides gene mutation in hominoids pro closed no
4 Sep 10 fra>eng unités formant colonies par litre d'eau colony-forming units per litre of water pro closed ok
4 Sep 1 fra>eng substance à surveiller monitored substance pro closed ok
- Aug 19 deu>eng Mitgestaltungsansprüche consultation/co-determination rights pro closed ok
- Aug 9 fra>eng Unité de Management Avions de Missions et de Support mission and support aircraft management unit pro open no
1 Jul 28 ita>eng su cui si punta molto for whom we have high hopes pro closed ok
4 Jul 12 ita>eng vite 'maritata' "married" grapevines pro closed ok
- Jul 7 ita>eng abbandono selvicolturale neglected pro open no
4 May 15 esl>eng Vaso de vidrio de talla alta tall glass beaker pro closed ok
- Apr 30 eng>esl managed strategy estrategia pro closed ok
4 Apr 20 deu>eng den Maßstab bilden are the benchmark pro closed ok
4 Feb 19 deu>eng weiterführende Literatur (additional) literature pro closed ok
- Feb 3 esl>eng una zona de anteplaya superior an area of the upper foreshore pro closed ok
- Feb 1 fra>eng Limites d'appoint top-up limits pro open no
4 Jan 30 ita>eng indagine stratigrafica stratigraphic study/survey/examination pro closed no
4 Dec 13 '14 esl>eng Bosque de Pino Secundario Herbáceo secondary herbaceous pine forest pro closed ok
4 Nov 23 '14 fra>eng sites d'interface interface site pro closed ok
4 Oct 15 '14 esl>eng Habría que ver si se le puede dar una vuelta we should see if we can turn the situation around pro closed ok
4 Sep 25 '14 ita>eng gneiss occhiadini Augen gneiss pro closed ok
- Aug 24 '14 ita>eng in quanto portatore di ulteriore diversità genetica e di paesaggio because of its genetic and landscape diversity pro closed ok
4 Aug 24 '14 ita>eng ha saputo sfruttarne anche la natura di punto di contatto has made it a crossroads of trade and cultural exchange pro closed ok
- Aug 24 '14 ita>eng vuole rappresentare una condizione tipica del territorio montano-appenninico is typical of the Apennines pro closed no
- May 20 '14 esl>eng pasamuros wall aperture ring pro just_closed no
4 Feb 24 '14 ita>eng complessometria complexometry pro closed ok
4 Feb 18 '14 fra>eng effort de pêche fishing effort pro closed ok
4 Jan 23 '14 esl>eng Aprobarla award her a pass pro closed ok
- Nov 26 '13 deu>eng erfassen take into account pro closed no
4 Jul 25 '13 esl>eng rasetear be affected by russeting pro closed ok
4 Jun 17 '13 esl>eng Moz million ounces pro closed ok
- Jun 13 '13 fra>eng lien non blessant loosely attached (to avoid damage to the plant) pro closed no
4 Jun 7 '13 esl>eng barreno auger pro closed ok
4 May 12 '13 ita>eng limetta delle Antille Caribbean sweet lime pro closed ok
4 May 10 '13 ita>eng foglie crassulente fleshy leaves pro closed ok
4 Apr 14 '13 ita>eng Teoria ed applicazione macchine calc. theory and applications of computers pro closed ok
- Mar 11 '13 esl>eng pozos pluviales wells pro closed ok
- Mar 11 '13 deu>eng Fahnen leaves/stalk tops/trash pro open no
- Mar 4 '13 esl>eng relieve abrupto abrupt relief pro closed ok
4 Feb 22 '13 ita>eng prove di taglio cut test pro closed ok
4 Feb 22 '13 ita>eng transetto transect pro closed ok
4 Feb 13 '13 esl>eng planteamiento approach/methodology pro closed ok
4 Jan 10 '13 esl>eng planos atómicos atomic planes pro closed ok
4 Jan 8 '13 fra>eng bourgeons non débourrés unopened buds pro closed ok
4 Oct 24 '12 deu>eng Pyramiden bauende Atomen pyramidal atoms pro closed no
4 Oct 24 '12 ita>eng calcoscisto calcareous schist pro closed no
4 Oct 10 '12 ita>eng uno scopo a sè an end in itself pro closed ok
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