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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Dec 1 deu>esl Ansonsten Regress möglich en caso contrario es posible la ejerción de la accion de resarcimiento pro open no
- Nov 28 eng>esl Corporate Identity measures medidas en cuanto a la identidad corporativa (al imagen empresarial) pro closed no
- Nov 27 eng>ita diligently examined and searched the records of my office die aver coscienziosamente esaminato e ricercato gli archivi del mio ufficio pro closed ok
- Nov 26 eng>deu to simplify redundancy rules das durch eine Lockerung der Entlassungsregeln und verstärkter Befürwortung außergerichtlicher pro closed no
- Nov 26 eng>rus for the matters and periods specified below для нижеприведенных вопросов и периодов pro closed no
- Nov 26 esl>eng tribunal de la cognición court of appeal (C. of second instance) pro closed no
4 Nov 26 eng>rus ACKNOWLEDGMENT ABOUT DUAL REPRESENTATION признание двойного представительства pro closed ok
- Nov 20 ell>eng ρητά επιφυλασσομένου entitles the client to file an indemnity complaint against any damage or loss he may have incurred pro closed ok
- Nov 20 ell>eng υπάγουν the courts of Athens which are the only competent ones for the parties to an action (or litigants) pro closed ok
- Nov 19 rus>eng не решен вопрос замены проекта unresolved remains the issue as to a replacement of the project pro closed no
- Nov 19 eng>rus erred in several respects in ошибся в нескольких отношениях (относительно чего) pro closed no
- Nov 18 eng>fra an encumbrance takes possession ou en cas d´une charge pro just_closed no
- Nov 17 deu>ita Mehrfachelad Faser Multimodefaser pro just_closed no
4 Nov 15 esl>eng Hecho por drawn up by pro closed no
4 Nov 14 deu>eng Verfahrenskostenhilfeantrag bzw. Antrag auf Verfahrenskostenhilfe petition / application for granting legal aid pro closed ok
- Nov 8 deu>ita Weltanschauungsgemeinschaft appartenenza a una comunità con convinzioni personali pro closed ok
4 Nov 7 esl>eng Ley de Timbres Fiscales Stamp Act (or revenue stamp act) pro closed ok
- Nov 6 eng>deu medical acceptance medizinische Akzeptanz pro closed ok
- Nov 6 deu>ita Leistungsumfang; vermittelten Personen is obliged to accommodate the persons provided in accordance with the possibilities offered by him pro closed ok
- Nov 5 esl>eng a proposito de lo cual to this end pro closed no
- Nov 4 deu>fra zu Lasten des Anrechts der Antragstellerin au détriment du droit la demanderesse pro open no
- Nov 4 eng>ell closed transcript transcripción cerrada pro just_closed ok
- Oct 28 eng>deu disinterestedness Desinteresse pro closed ok
- Oct 28 fra>eng contrainte par corps fixée coercive detention pro open no
4 Oct 27 deu>eng Unterlassungsantrag petition for an injunction pro closed ok
4 Oct 27 eng>esl severs separa pro closed ok
- Oct 26 eng>ita hereditament legato ereditario / lascito pro closed no
- Oct 26 eng>eng p/h denotes a series of judgments e.g. PH (1950-1970) pro closed ok
- Oct 25 deu>esl Androhung bajo la amenaza de pro closed no
- Oct 25 ita>eng ripartizione in lotti (sub)division into lots pro closed ok
- Oct 25 esl>eng Ilma. Sra. HIllH Lady X pro closed ok
- Oct 23 por>ita Egrégia Ilustrissimo (-a) pro closed ok
- Oct 16 fra>ita défendeurs querelato o convenuto pro closed no
- Oct 16 rus>eng порядок действий, при котором... the operating procedure in which pro closed no
- Oct 15 esl>fra surtir efectos entrer en vigueur (ou prendre effet) pro closed ok
- Oct 15 rus>eng Помимо прочего, в вопросе ...мы спрашивали следующее: By the way (or: incidentally), in our question we asked the following: pro closed no
- Oct 14 esl>eng Persona sin vicios a faultless person pro closed ok
- Oct 14 rus>eng чтобы такая практика признавалась правомерной so that such a practice will be acknowledged as legal (or lawful) pro closed no
- Oct 13 deu>ita Schuldbeitritt assunzione di dette de altrui (assunzione cumulativa di dette) pro closed ok
- Oct 12 rus>ita в размере la somma (l´importo) del penale da pagare sara pari al doppio del ......... pro closed ok
- Oct 11 eng>esl any person or entity who is;.... ninguna persona natural o juridica la cual lo esté ..... pro closed ok
- Oct 11 fra>eng Subrogé de plein droit subrogated to all rights (see the big number of respective links) pro closed ok
- Oct 10 eng>deu derogation Derogation pro closed ok
- Oct 10 ell>eng απολογητικό υπόμνημα a pleading / a (written) defense statement pro closed ok
4 Oct 5 por>eng Agravo de Petição appeal against judgement pro closed ok
- Oct 4 deu>esl Freizüzigkeitsstiftung fundación de "libre traspaso" pro open no
2 Sep 29 deu>eng Hinterlegungsrecht deposition right pro closed ok
2 Sep 25 deu>ita "den Geschäftsbetrieb einstellen" cessare (l´esercizio dell' ) l´attività commerciale pro closed ok
- Sep 13 ell>eng διαδικαστική διεύθυνση address under which the proceedings (will) take place pro closed ok
- Sep 12 esl>eng de oficio oficialmente pro open no
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