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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 29 ara>eng الناس بالناس و القطة بالنفاس Little things please little minds pro open no
4 May 17 ara>eng الظوهر اللغوية linguistic phenomena pro closed ok
4 May 15 ara>eng التفسيح dispensation pro closed ok
- Apr 25 ara>eng كهربائي سيارات car electrician pro closed ok
- Apr 12 ara>eng ويقبل على الحياة بكامل طاقته to live life to its fullest pro closed no
4 Apr 5 ara>eng الأمانة faithfulness pro closed ok
4 Apr 5 ara>eng تقرير فصلي quarterly report pro closed ok
4 Mar 29 ara>eng افراغ conveyance pro closed no
2 Mar 25 ara>eng الوقف الاتفاقي suspension (of litigation) by agreement pro closed ok
4 Mar 24 ara>eng تمت أقواله his statements were concluded/ finished pro closed ok
4 Mar 24 ara>eng الاكتتاب على subscribe / tak up pro closed no
4 Mar 24 ara>eng رهن وفاء pledge pro closed ok
- Mar 22 ara>eng ويشتد عوده and become strong pro open no
4 Mar 20 ara>eng سكت المشرّع the legislator was silent as to pro closed ok
- Mar 19 ara>eng المحررات المعدة للإثبات Documents produced for evidence (purposes) pro just_closed ok
4 Mar 17 ara>eng الجنود الدلاة delis pro closed ok
- Mar 3 ara>eng المنسقية العامة للجان الشعبية General Administration of Vigilance Committees pro closed no
4 Mar 1 ara>eng الإجارة الإسلامية Islamic leasing (Ijara) pro closed ok
4 Mar 1 ara>eng عن طريق اهليتهم by their families pro closed ok
4 Feb 28 ara>eng حيازة ناقصة Precarious possession pro closed ok
- Feb 24 ara>eng الرجوع بالتعويض على الطرف الاول recourse against the First Party for compensation pro open no
4 Feb 22 ara>eng متمما ومكملا complementary part pro closed ok
- Feb 21 ara>eng دورات توجيهيةمكثفة intensive induction courses pro closed no
4 Feb 16 ara>eng طب الأعماق العسكري diving medicine and military diving medicine pro closed ok
4 Feb 11 ara>eng ب ق National ID pro closed no
- Feb 10 ara>eng المسئولية بقدر السلطة Authority Commensurate with Responsibility pro closed no
4 Feb 2 ara>eng يتكون من consist of pro closed ok
4 Feb 2 ara>eng عدل notary fees pro closed no
4 Jan 28 ara>eng العصب النسوي sciatic nerve pro closed ok
4 Jan 28 ara>eng البروليتاريا الرثّة lumpenproletariat pro closed ok
4 Jan 26 ara>eng نفقة الطلاق alimony pro closed ok
4 Sep 10 '15 ara>eng فتوى Legal Advice pro closed ok
4 Sep 5 '15 ara>eng شخص طبيعي او معنوي natural or legal person pro closed ok
- Aug 19 '15 ara>eng العقود المسماة Nominate contracts pro open no
- Aug 19 '15 ara>eng الصور التذكارية memorial photos pro closed ok
4 Aug 14 '15 ara>eng شركة محاصة Joint venture pro closed ok
- Jul 30 '15 ara>eng طابق متكرر typical floor pro closed no
- Jul 2 '15 ara>eng 4- اسم المتصرف والمتصرف إليه 4. Names of the alienor and alienee pro closed no
4 Jul 1 '15 ara>eng للولاية عن النفس for Legal Guardianship pro closed no
- Jun 23 '15 ara>eng حسن غريب a well-authenticated unfamiliar pro closed ok
4 Jun 23 '15 ara>eng أخرجه الترمذي recorded by At-termizi pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '15 ara>eng في حق الله in respect to Allah/God pro closed ok
- Jun 13 '15 ara>eng جهالة وغرر ignorance and speculation (Gharar) pro closed ok
3 Jun 13 '15 ara>eng اكل الاموال بالباطل consuming/taking property through falsehood pro closed no
4 Jun 8 '15 ara>eng معيار العالمية في الاختصاص the principle of universal jurisdiction pro closed ok
4 May 19 '15 ara>eng مالكاً بأمره an autocrat pro closed no
4 May 2 '15 ara>eng رسم التحصيل Collection charge pro closed no
4 Apr 17 '15 ara>eng tse3 la3'eny to bum around pro closed ok
4 Apr 14 '15 ara>eng fslteni / fslny you got on my nerves / He got on my nerves pro closed ok
- Apr 13 '15 ara>eng شرط النسبية Condition of average; average clause; coinsurance provision; coinsurance clause pro closed ok
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