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Format paint optimization and settings.

SDLX optimization.
1. Operating System
It is recommended to use Windows 2000 or higher. In Windows 98 you may experience translation memory problems: opening TM not possible, concordance search not working, termbase not working, etc.

2. Format Paint

The colors in segments reflect the changes in formatting.

It is required to adjust target segments formatting to match the source, otherwise the following warning is displayed when saving the document:

The segments causing format problems are marked green in the cell indicating segment number (in the source column). Tag (vertical lines) problems also belong to format paint errors.

3. Correcting format paint errors

- Initial error

- Switch to Format Paint mode

- In source segment click the color that needs to be applied

- In target segment select the text to apply the color to

- Press Enter

- Repeat to adjust other parts of text until the green indicator dissapears

- Switch format painting OFF (Ctrl-F9 again)

- The same procedure applies when changing the order (change the placement) of the vertical lines (tags). In format paint mode select the red line in the left column, place the cursor in the desired place, and press Enter.

4. Settings

Recommended settings for the most important Options (Tools > Options).

(Note: Context Mismatch and Filter Mismatch penalties may depend on the project.) -
SDLX optimization.
Author: Demchuk
English to Russian translator 
By Demchuk
Published on 05/28/2004
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