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This article lists the 20 questions worth asking your Translation Company

1. What language(s) is the document to be translated into?

2. Are there any variations within the language? i.e. Castilian Spanish or Mexican Spanish – Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese?

3. What is the reason for the translation? i.e. for information, publication, use in court, etc.

4. What level of translation is needed? i.e. draft, accurate, proof-read, etc.

5. Does the style or terminology used in the translation have to conform to any specific requirements? i.e. consistency with ISO document, in-house style, etc.

6. Is there any reference/background material be provided? i.e. previous translations, glossary, reports, etc.

7. Is there any requirements in terms of layout? i.e. exact line for line, page for page, not necessary, etc.

8. Is there any artwork involved? i.e. logos, pictures, special fonts, etc.

9. What format is it to be sent in? What format is it required back in? i.e. Word, PDF, Quark, etc.

10. When is the translation needed? Is there a strict deadline?

11. Has the source text been properly edited and proof-read?

12. Does the translation need to be certified? i.e. “legalised” for an organisation or court.

13. How is the translation to be costed? i.e. per word, per page, etc.

14. Is there a surcharge for any artwork or for an “express” service?

15. Is there a surcharge for illegible or poorly written text (e.g. handwritten)?

16. Is copyright to be retained or transferred?

17. Is the subject matter of the translation under confidentiality restrictions?

18. Are there any issues of liability the translation company should be aware of?

19. What are the payment terms?

20. Is there a set of business terms and conditions?

Published with permission of Kwintessential, a UK based translation company.

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20 Questions to ask your Translation Company
Author: kwint
United Kingdom
English to Albanian translator 
By kwint
Published on 08/6/2008
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