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Art of Translation and Interpreting
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» Finesse in Serbian localizations and advertisement texts
This article deals with problems with padez in Serbian and the difficulties in localization related to it. I have also tried to provide a good view-point on translating advertisement texts from English to Serbian, how the new trends are affecting the Serbian language and how translators are sometimes caught in the trap of terminology.
» Concentration : how not to pick cherries with your back to the tree.
By Audrey Pate | Published 10/5/2010 | Art of Translation and Interpreting | Recommendation:
Some tips for translators on keeping concentration levels high!
» The Translator: From prestige to invisibility, across centuries and cultures
By Sara Maghini | Published 08/3/2010 | Art of Translation and Interpreting | Recommendation:
This article evaluates the status of the translator in different cultures and at different times, attempting to answer the following questions: has the translator always been a secondary figure in translation and in society? Was Venuti really the first to write about the condition of the translator and the strategies s/he can adopt to emerge from ‘invisibility’? The focus is on the way in which the figure of the translator has changed throughout the centuries, and includes an evaluation of Venuti’s role in giving a strong, contemporary voice to considerations which were previously fragmentary and diffused in time and space.
» Simple Technique to Save your Time and Energy while Translating
By Ahnan Alex | Published 07/3/2010 | Art of Translation and Interpreting | Recommendation:
One often fails to meet the deadline due to running out of time and energy. Here, a simple technique is exposed.
» With Naturalness, Naturally
By joao esteves | Published 07/3/2010 | Art of Translation and Interpreting | Recommendation:
Naturalness in translation seems unattainable, in certain cases. Fortunately there are exceptions.
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» Naturalness in Translation

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