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Art of Translation and Interpreting
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» What would it take for one to be a professional translator?
By Osama Shahin | Published 09/13/2009 | Art of Translation and Interpreting | Recommendation:
For you to be a professional translator, you should first master your own language before you master the target language you are translating into. Bearing in mind the nowadays helping programs and software can't read the author's mind. You as a good translator is the one who should feel and taste the text you are about to translate.
Football has become a lucrative booming industry over the years, and translations in the field have to be up to the standard.
» Edebiyat ve Çeviri
By Selim Arslan | Published 09/11/2008 | Art of Translation and Interpreting | Recommendation:
Edebiyat hakkında söylenmiş birkaç söze ilaveten, bu alanda çalışan çevirmenler için bunu zorluğu.
» Retour critique sur The Scandals of Translation
By Sanaa Benmessaoud | Published 04/25/2008 | French , Art of Translation and Interpreting | Recommendation:
The article offers an in-depth critical reading of Venuti's seminal work, The Scandals of Translation : Towards an Ethics of Difference. It highlights its pertinence to the on-going discussion within the discipline of how to represent the other, while underlining the pitfalls of prescriptive approaches such as the one proposed by Venuti.
» Multilingual Clients and Language Interference.
By Richenel Ansano | Published 02/15/2008 | Art of Translation and Interpreting | Recommendation:
Multilingual clients can bring issues of language interference to projects, especially proofreading jobs. A possible way to avert these is by using commonly available reference works.
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