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39 articles in this category (not counting subcategories)
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» Master Lankenau x Dr. Pinheiro: Talking about Interpreting
By Marcia Pinheiro | Published 10/26/2016 | Interpreting | Not yet recommended
In this article, Dr. Pinheiro and Master Lankenau exchange tokens about Interpreting. Master Lankenau uses all his experience with assessment of interpreters to provide really good information to all those who are trying to get accreditation or work in this industry. Dr. Pinheiro uses her training in professional research to provide really good ideas, truly innovative, in terms of resources that could be making the work of the interpreters more palatable.
The Routine of a Professional Interpreter
By Marcia Pinheiro | Published 07/22/2016 | Interpreting | Recommendation:
Here we talk about the reality of being a professional interpreter, so that anyone who wants to either plan their lives inside of what is available in the trade or sort out doubts about what is involved can find valuable information in it.
» Accuracy in Interpreting
By Marcia Pinheiro | Published 07/7/2016 | Interpreting | Not yet recommended
How many times did you catch yourself wondering: Should I cross the line? Will they hit me? Here I can, I think. Perhaps there. Oh, no, there never, never, and never. So, this article is here to bring you more inner peace: From now onward you will feel accompanied when going through those moments. We discuss the so complex relationship between Accuracy and Communication. We also talk about cultural knowledge and accuracy. In the end we talk about Cultural Interpreting.
» Silence, on interprète!
By Gbadamassi | Published 03/7/2016 | Interpreting | Not yet recommended
L'interprétation de conférence et le bruit ne font pas bon ménage. Dans leurs activités professionnelles, les interprètes font face à un niveau de stress élevé qui est souvent exacerbé par le bruit et certains mouvements dérangeants. Fort heureusement, il existe quelques petites techniques pour surmonter ces difficultés: chut ! on interprète.
» Challenges of in court interepretation
By Sonia Lindblom | Published 05/21/2015 | Interpreting | Recommendation:
When I first started my education as an interpreter, I learned that the interpreter is someone else’s voices. What are the challenges, then when decisions are made based on your job as interpreter? I discuss in this article the demands it stakes to your performance.
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