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Translation Techniques
62 articles in this category (not counting subcategories)
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» Learn how to use Alt codes to access special characters faster
By Fi2 n Co | Published 08/1/2016 | Translation Techniques | Not yet recommended
When it comes to using special characters, a few issues can come along. One is to know the corresponding keyboard shortcuts for these, the “Alt codes”, another is to know how to type them (especially on a laptop) and last but not least, the conflicts that appear when typing an Alt Code in a web browser such as Firefox. This article will show you how to type Alt Codes for Windows based computers and will explain how to solve common issues.
» Marcia R. Pinheiro, and Eirlys J. Chessa in Template and Selection
By Marcia Pinheiro | Published 07/3/2016 | Translation Techniques | Not yet recommended
This is a quick chat involving two people who have a lot of experience in the T & I industries. They talk about Extract Translation or the Template and Selection System. AUSIT has published something about the topic, but it seems that there is still a lot of room for improvement.
» Template and Selection: Technique or Crime?
By Marcia Pinheiro | Published 06/27/2016 | Translation Techniques | Recommendation:
This article is about situations in which we are asked to extract information from documents in a language so that that information is entered in a template in another language. Several ethical issues emerge. Australia has perhaps chosen a way to go about this issue, but is this way totally OK?
» Гном ґному не рівня, або як передати різницю між «dwarf» і «gnome», перекладаючи фентезі українською
By Denys Dömin | Published 06/16/2016 | Art/Literary Translation , Translation Techniques | Recommendation:
This article is intended mostly for translators, who deal with fantasy – books, films, and, last but not least, video games. Due to the tradition started by the translators of Tolkien, dwarves became gnomes in Ukrainian. But when dwarves meet gnomes in one piece of content, a real battle starts – in the brain of a translator, trying to sort it out. The article gives some hints, how to differentiate the two races by translation. The article is in Ukrainian.
» Translation challenges for beginners – 30 sentences to practise your skills from English into French
By Alexa Dubreuil | Published 04/1/2016 | French , Translation Techniques , Translator Education | Recommendation:
This selection of sentences to practice translation skills from English into French is mainly aimed at beginners. I describe these sentences as ’translation challenges’ mainly because they can’t be translated straightforwardly and/or required an extra level of creativity in order to read as if they had originally been written in French.

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