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» EXPLAIN or TRANSLATE: a perpetual dilemma for English-language teachers
By Natasha Stojanovska-Ilievska | Published 01/15/2007 | Language Specific | Recommendation:
This article outlines the major arguments for and against the use of translation equivalents, rather than explanations in the target language in the teaching practice of EFL teachers.
» Hints for a good teaching
By Flavia Martins dos Santos | Published 08/14/2006 | Language Specific | Recommendation:
There are many things that can be done to motivate students in class and also to get students closer to the learning. This article gives some ideas on how to do that.
» Greek Cultural Keywords: Language Reflecting Culture Through Vocabulary
By Maria Karra | Published 03/31/2006 | Language Specific , Translation Techniques | Recommendation:

Cultural keywords are words that reflect cultural values, beliefs, and history. Such words are often very difficult to translate in another language and the translator has to explicitly render them by including footnotes, or explanations in parentheses, or by using the technique of adaptation to find corresponding terms in the foreign language that would evoke the same feelings in the target audience. Cultural keywords constitute a challenge which requires experience on the translator's part, patience, and a profound knowledge of the culture of the source and target languages. In this review some examples from the Greek language are presented.

» Georgian Fonts
By Maya Gorgoshidze | Published 03/17/2006 | Language Specific | Recommendation:
Do you know how to use Georgian UNICODE (UTF-8) fonts? If you use Windows XP, you can click on the Start menu, go to the Control Panel – Regional and Language Options and add Georgian as one of the languages, but you soon realize that you are met with some difficulties with this font if you type using the Latin keyboard layout...
» Mic ghid de citire/scriere în Unicode pe
By Dan Marasescu | Published 12/14/2005 | Language Specific | Recommendation:
Articolul descrie modul în care membrii pot să îşi seteze navigatoarele şi programele de e-mail pentru a citi şi a scrie texte în română cu ajutorul codării Unicode.

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