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» Translating Culture - Specific Metaphoric expressions
By Camelia Frunză | Published 07/11/2005 | Language Specific | Recommendation:
Methaphor is usually culture-specific due to the fact that differrent cultures conceptualize experience in varying ways. Due to the fact that they reflect the attitude towards the world in general, and the life of the community in particular, metaphors have a wide circulation in the active language and they may have an explicit Romanian or English character. The Romanian people, for example, with their old customs and traditions originated in the countryside and agriculture, created countless expressions with an undeniable stylistic value. We need to point out the fact that what determines the translatability of a SL metaphor is not its boldness or originality, but rather the extend to which the cultural experience and semantic associations on which it draws are shared by speakers of the particular TL.
» Some Ways of Translating English Phrasal Verbs into Russian
By Mistral607 | Published 06/9/2005 | Language Specific | Recommendation:
Though not pretending completeness, I hope the readers will find this article helpful in understanding the essence of some semantic correspondences in the English and Russian verbal systems. It is common knowledge that in order to provide an adequate translation, the translator must be able to sense nuances in the semantics of both the source-language and target-language texts. English phrasal ve ...
» Basic Wordfast tutorial in Bulgarian/ Начално ръководство за Wordfast на български език
By Mihail M Mateev | Published 03/15/2005 | Language Specific | Recommendation:
(UTF-8 Encoding) Това ръководство се основава на информацията, която бях събрал в началото на моето собствено разучаване на Wordfast, както и на последвалия ми опит за работа с програмата. Бих искал тогава да имах едно такова ръководство.
» An easy way to understand the proper use of the Tenses.
By Zoltan Bartok | Published 01/17/2005 | Language Specific | Recommendation:
Teaching English to Germans who want clarity forced me to come up with a method of my own when it came to the Tenses. I did and it worked. Later, I wrote a grammar book for Hungarians. Here is Ch. 9 When in doubt, you'll find this guide helpful.

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