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» Adapter ou sous-titrer : c'est interpréter
By Cyril Bel-Ange | Published 07/15/2015 | French | Recommendation:
Un billet qui fait le lien entre sous-titrage et interprétation de conférence. Deux activités pas si éloignées que ça finalement !
» Les acteurs du marché de la traduction en France
By Jean-Marie Le Ray | Published 04/27/2014 | French | Recommendation:
En volume d'affaires, le seul marché français devrait représenter 1/15e du marché de la traduction dans le monde, une estimation par défaut basée sur une analyse prudente des données disponibles, dont aucune étude sérieuse ne rend compte aujourd'hui. Le présent article ne prétend pas combler cette lacune, mais juste fournir des éléments tirés de sources "officielles" pour donner un ordre d'idée.
By francoisebou | Published 08/8/2010 | French | Recommendation:
A simplified written explanation about usage of indicative and subjonctive forms in French for French and English writers, extracted from Bescherelles
» Retour critique sur The Scandals of Translation
By Sanaa Benmessaoud | Published 04/25/2008 | French , Art of Translation and Interpreting | Recommendation:
The article offers an in-depth critical reading of Venuti's seminal work, The Scandals of Translation : Towards an Ethics of Difference. It highlights its pertinence to the on-going discussion within the discipline of how to represent the other, while underlining the pitfalls of prescriptive approaches such as the one proposed by Venuti.
» 'Tulip Fever' by Deborah Moggach; a comparison of the English original and its French and Spanish translations
By Karen Vincent-Jones | Published 04/18/2007 | French | Recommendation:
This article looks at a best-selling English novel and its translations into French and Spanish. The books are looked at as publications, in terms of their presentation and the publishers' marketing strategies. The style of the different versions is compared, using statistical analysis, in terms of their sentence structure and readability. Certain key passages are compared in detail, and any differences analysed. The conclusions are that the Spanish version is more faithful to the English original than the French, and is targeted at a more sophisticated audience. The French version often differs from the original, omitting descriptions, and is targeted as 'women's fiction' to a more popular audience.

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