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» A Sentence from Translator's Life (Customer Memo)
By Mykhailo Voloshko | Published 09/19/2009 | Technology | Recommendation:
In this article you'll learn what translation is like and will hopefully manage to overcome some translation-related stereotypes. You can also read this article in Russian.
» This could spell trouble
By Luciano Monteiro | Published 06/15/2009 | Language Specific , Portuguese , Technology , CAT Tools , Software and the Internet | Recommendation:
A new orthography is gradually taking hold all over the Portuguese-speaking world. Translators need to know what lies beneath the reform, says Luciano Monteiro. Luciano O Monteiro MITI is a writer and translator working from English and Spanish into Brazilian Portuguese. A former journalist, his main specialisation is football, though he also has a strong knowledge of world affairs, finance, marketing, tourism, IT and the media.
By Luciano Monteiro | Published 06/15/2009 | Technology , CAT Tools , Software and the Internet | Recommendation:
Over the past few years, translation as a trade has seen significant changes brought about by the advent of new technologies. In an industry that is growing dramatically in terms of revenues, more and more computer applications are being used in order to speed up work and provide greater effectiveness. Among the new technologies, the use of translation memories stands out, by which translators can take advantage of their previous work to avoid repetitive tasks and save time and effort. Such changes are also helping translators gradually increase their average income and get rid of the old stereotype of poorly paid professionals.
» 8 Tips for secure files
By Romeo Mlinar | Published 03/20/2009 | Technology | Recommendation:
Some tips on how to protect files (documents, TMs, etc.) on your computer. You can, without any costs, learn to archive and backup, find out how useful free online backup service is; and when buying a new PC, it pays off to have some technical knowledge.
» Come crearsi un sito web in poche ore
By Marco Cevoli | Published 03/9/2009 | Technology , Marketing Your Language Services , Italian | Recommendation:
Per un professionista della traduzione è certamente imprescindibile avere un sito Internet con cui promuovere la propria attività, ma non tutti hanno le conoscenze o la voglia di fare da sé, né tantomeno le risorse per acquistare il servizio da terzi. Eccovi una soluzione rapida e gratuita.

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