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CAT Tools (58) Hardware and Operating Systems (15)
Localization and Globalization (13) Software and the Internet (72)
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» Come tradurre il testo contenuto nelle immagini
By Marco Cevoli | Published 03/9/2009 | Technology | Recommendation:
Con gli strumenti giusti e un po’ di pazienza è possibile estrarre il testo inserito nelle immagini per poi tradurlo comodamente con il proprio CAT preferito.
» “Intersections between real and virtual world: some fears in Internet.”
By xxxgiobirmani | Published 11/14/2008 | Technology | Recommendation:
The birth of Internet has led to a new virtual dimension running in a parallel line with the real and touchable world; this virtual aspect is not tangible, although it is part of our daily lives. My intention is to outline some of the most common fears which the human being has to face when entering the virtual world in Internet.
» Pendrive for a translator
By Stanislaw Czech, MCIL | Published 04/3/2008 | Technology | Recommendation:
How to turn a tiny device into a moveable office. Store files, run programs and much more.
» Creation of Local Techie Translator-Consulting Pools
By Karin Kutscher | Published 01/13/2007 | Technology | Recommendation:
An idea to create local pools of translators with expertise in computers at the user level, who can help their colleagues on an as-needed basis.
» Switching word order in MS Word
By Christopher Lord | Published 08/9/2006 | Technology | Recommendation:
two very useful macros for instant switching of word order in Word documents

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