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» La PEC per traduttori, sì o no?
By HelpTraduzioni | Published 05/27/2013 | Business of Translation and Interpreting , Miscellaneous , Italian | Recommendation:
In base al D.L n. 179/2012, in Italia ogni impresa individuale dovrà dotarsi di una casella di posta elettronica certificata (PEC) entro il 30 giugno 2013. Non avendo un albo, non tutti i traduttori avranno l'obbligo di adeguarsi alla norma. In pratica, ci saranno alcuni traduttori che lavoreranno con una casella PEC, ed altri senza.
» Hands on advice for teaching a second language (and surviving the attempt)
By Mariana Font | Published 02/15/2013 | Miscellaneous | Recommendation:
Here are a few pieces of hands on advice for teaching a foreign language. I actually go back to this list every time I am to program a new course.
» The English, the Portuguese, and the Latin
By Marcia Pinheiro | Published 12/29/2012 | Miscellaneous | Recommendation:
In this text, we try to connect 'linguistic regression analysis' with the arts of translating and interpreting.
» Different Pronunciation, Same Language.
By Maria Labaca | Published 12/11/2012 | Miscellaneous | Recommendation:
When interpreting, pronunciation is extremely important, and saying each word close enough to its native level, is imperative to sound professional. The study of the sounds of human speech, that is Phonetics, help interpreters better understand the differences in pronunciation of various dialects within the same language. I present a simple, yet interesting thesis based on my own linguistic research: after recording two speakers of the same language but different dialects, and after watching closely to the way they articulated each sound, I came across interesting differences between certain phonemes in Spanish from Spain, and Spanish from Argentina.
» There to make it beautiful or to be pronounced?
By Marcia Pinheiro | Published 10/23/2012 | Miscellaneous | Recommendation:
This article is about silent and pronounced letters.

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