Creating a system able to translate almost all the world’s news as they happen is daunting task. But that is the ambitious goal of the GDELT project (Global Data on Events, Location and Tone). Created with the support of organizations like Google and Yahoo!, the brainchild is called theGDELT Project and it belongs to Kalev Leetaru, who the German-weekly Der Spiegel once called “one of the superstars of the new discipline”; the new discipline being big data, specifically its use in the analysis of society.

The GDELT claim is that it will deploy the largest real-time streaming news machine translation in history. It intends to monitor all global news in 65 languages (which it says represents 98.4% of its daily non-English monitoring volume), translate it in real time into English, and process it through the entire GDELT Event and Global Knowledge Graph orGlobal Content Analysis Measures pipelines. More.

See: Slator

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