On July 1, 2013 the European Union welcomed its 28th member state, Croatia, together with its 24th official language.1 The motto of the European Union (EU) is “unity in diversity,” and since it was established, the EU has been committed to multilingualism. As the number of official languages grew from four in 1958 to 24 in 2013, the EU commitment (and challenge) to provide its citizens with access to legislation in multiple languages fostered the development of online resources.

Today, EU treaties, regulations, directives, public documents, and databases are available online free of charge in several languages, and they can be a mine of information and prove very useful to language professionals working on a wide range of subjects. Whether you work on medical, financial, or technical texts, you can take advantage of several interinstitutional websites and databases in almost any language combination of the 24 official languages—that’s 552 language pairs! The following provides an overview of what some of these fabulous resources have to offer. More.

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