Winnipeg will need more sign-language interpreters this fall when a new video-relay service for launches for deaf Canadians.

Right now, about four or five interpreters per year are graduating from the only sign-language interpretation program in the province.

“I definitely would like to see more graduates from our program,” said Rick Zimmer.

Zimmer, who is deaf, co-ordinates the American Sign Language-English interpretation program at Red River College.

“Having that connection with the non-deaf world to the deaf world [is important] … for so many years, they’ve been two separate entities,” he said.

The city is already home to a video-relay centre, where sign-language interpreters take video calls to translate back and forth between American Sign Language and English.

Right now, the centre is only serving U.S. callers, but this fall, CRTC plans to launch a video-relay service in Canada, with registration starting this summer.

“We will need many more student graduates, so we do need more of a push,” said Zimmer. More.

See: CBC News

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