The employment and business service centre TE Keskus has problems helping immigrants get work, according to a detailed study by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The Ministry is pondering how foreigners living in Finland could more efficiently move from language training and basic education into actual working life.

Immigrants make wide use of the TE centre’s services but remain unemployed, according the Ministry’s research. Notably, foreigners in Finland seem to get stuck in language training and other general preparatory levels of education.

However, previous research has shown that for those who do manage to gain a supported workplace or vocational labour force training, employment levels are almost as high they are for Finns.

Services fail at the critical point

Obtaining a job requires clear vocational labour market training or support in finding work and, for most immigrants, for some reason the threshold for gaining a post is very high. The employment and business services of the TE centres fail as they approach the stage where immigrants actually try to join the labour force, explains Employment Minister Lauri Ihalainen.

The Ministry’s research found major shortcomings in the TE centre’s registration of information on immigrants’ knowledge and professional skills. In fact, language skills and professional expertise were so inadequately recorded that it was difficult for the Ministry to investigate the issue in depth.

“Services are difficult to target and develop without the relevant information,” the Employment Minister claims. More.

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