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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 11 dut>eng voorzieningencapaciteit (amount of) facilities pro closed no
4 May 11 dut>eng wettelijke taakstelling statutory target(s); statutory target number(s) pro closed no
4 May 5 dut>eng moeien om niet involvement in the management of [participations/holdings, etc.] for no consideration pro closed ok
4 Apr 27 dut>eng nulinspectie baseline inspection pro closed ok
- Apr 26 dut>eng ontwerpvragen design question pro open no
4 Apr 25 dut>eng gerechtsbrede court-wide pro closed no
- Feb 5 '03 dut>eng Nvl Summary of Additional Information and Changes pro closed ok
4 Apr 21 dut>eng het model waar we naartoe zouden werken the original design we were aiming at; the original features we were aiming at pro closed no
- Apr 16 dut>eng doortekening telegraph(ing) through pro closed ok
- Apr 13 dut>eng ingeleende ambtenaar outsourced civil servant pro closed ok
- Apr 12 dut>eng zaadvermeerdering seed multiplication pro closed ok
4 Apr 5 dut>eng begrenzing delimiting factor; limitation pro closed ok
4 Apr 4 dut>eng opvallend licht incident light pro closed ok
4 Mar 15 dut>eng onderwijstaak teaching load (as in ‘met een grote onderwijstaak’); teaching duties, teaching assignment, teaching pro closed ok
4 Mar 10 dut>eng bedienpost (PC-based) operator console pro closed no
4 Mar 7 dut>eng schild escutcheon (plate) pro closed ok
4 Mar 6 dut>eng indirecte bestuurder indirect director pro closed ok
4 Mar 2 dut>eng informatiemaatschappij (in onderstaande betekenis) information society pro closed ok
- Feb 9 dut>eng borrelpraatcircuit a well known face in the bars of Amsterdam pro closed ok
4 Feb 10 dut>eng studiewerk sound drafting and design; sound engineering pro closed ok
4 Feb 1 dut>eng Commissaris van de Vennootschap statutory auditor; independent auditor [appointed by the audit committee] pro closed no
4 Jan 13 dut>eng nulpuntstransformator zero point transformer pro closed no
4 Dec 30 '16 dut>eng Medezeggenschapsraad see below (lots of options) pro closed no
4 Dec 9 '16 dut>eng J.T.T. Journal des tribunaux du travail (J.T.T.) pro closed no
- Nov 25 '16 dut>eng blijkens akte by deed pro open no
4 Oct 21 '16 dut>eng greep sampling increment pro closed ok
4 Oct 21 '16 dut>eng Systeemvaart shift work pro closed ok
4 Oct 17 '16 dut>eng noordboom hip cap(ping); hip tiles pro closed ok
- Sep 22 '16 dut>eng zwartschrift printed text pro closed ok
4 Sep 14 '16 dut>eng verantwoorden accountability pro closed ok
4 Sep 8 '16 dut>eng ontspoorde mantelzorg derailed informal care pro closed no
- Apr 24 '01 dut>eng Aanmelding/Aanmeldingstermijn request to participate (in a call for tenders) / (tender) participation request period pro closed ok
4 Aug 25 '16 dut>eng eigendomsverklaring statement of ownership (IATE); ownership declaration (JurLex) pro closed ok
- Aug 9 '16 dut>eng jaarbelang annual total pro open no
4 Aug 7 '16 dut>eng kadert in is consistent with pro closed ok
- Aug 3 '16 dut>eng permanentienummer (emergency) stand-by number pro closed ok
- Aug 1 '16 dut>eng laskar portable welder; welding trolley pro closed ok
4 Jul 29 '16 dut>eng 1-0-0-1 bijvoorbeeld take one in the morning, and one at night before going to bed pro closed ok
4 Jul 23 '16 dut>eng meervoudige aanbesteding multiple private tender pro closed no
4 Jul 20 '16 dut>eng hel forepeak store room; forepeak store pro closed no
4 Jul 20 '16 dut>eng lik-op-stukbeleid policy of imposing on-the-spot penalties; crackdown pro closed ok
- Jul 16 '16 dut>eng krijgshof military high court (‘krijgshof’) pro closed no
- Jul 16 '16 dut>eng Trilvork vibrating fork pro open no
4 Jul 13 '16 dut>eng gedragsverleidende Apps persuasive apps/technology; behavior modifying/modification apps pro closed ok
- Jul 13 '16 dut>eng rijwerktuigen mobile/movable equipment pro closed no
4 Jul 8 '16 dut>eng Vraagverheldering identifying care requirements pro closed ok
4 Jul 7 '16 dut>eng Resultaat Verantwoordelijke Eenheden Strategic Business Units (SBUs); profit centres pro closed ok
4 Jul 4 '16 dut>eng beheerder medewerkervorderingen staff claims manager pro closed no
4 Jul 4 '16 dut>eng vorderingen medewerkers staff claims pro closed ok
4 Jul 4 '16 dut>eng openstaande vorderingen accounts receivable; receivables; outstanding claims; outstanding debts pro closed no
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