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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Aug 29 esl>eng anemócoras anemochorous / anemochore pro open no
- Aug 26 eng>pol log factor wykładnik logarytmu pro open no
4 Aug 20 esl>eng pendiente slope pro closed ok
- Aug 13 eng>rus Significance is assessed at 5% level of significance. мы используем уровень значимости 5% pro closed no
- Aug 13 eng>esl The Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel (CMH) row mean score test (van Elteren test) una versión (van Elteren) de la prueba Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel (CMH) pro open no
- Aug 12 eng>por sqrt2 √2 pro closed ok
- Aug 10 ...>eng topovski polinom shell polynomial pro closed ok
4 Aug 5 pol>eng zmienność wewnątrz- i międzyseryjna intra- and interassay variability pro closed ok
- Jul 29 eng>fra 2-tailed p=0.1, test bilatéral pro closed ok
- Jul 29 eng>esl Hard–Soft Multivariate Curve Resolution-Alternating Least Squares (HS-MCR-ALS) método híbrido HS-MCR de la Resolución Multivariable de Curvas, mediante mínimos cuadrados alternado pro closed ok
4 Jul 26 fra>eng Acide de soude caustic soda / sodium hydroxide pro closed ok
4 Jul 17 esl>eng reinal gangion pro closed no
- Jul 8 eng>ita *A steady canvas makes for a clearer picture* cambiare una cosa alla volta pro closed ok
- Jul 8 eng>ita Substantive skills competenze pro closed ok
- Jul 5 pol>eng cyfry jedności units digit pro closed ok
4 Jul 1 eng>rus centre effect фиксированный эффект "центр" pro closed no
4 Jun 30 esl>eng ingresar con control doble ciego using double blind data entry pro closed ok
4 Jun 30 rus>eng в степени (1 - 2/5) = 0,6 see expalanation below pro closed ok
4 Jun 29 eng>fra cuts of edges (in a graph) partition des arêtes en couplages pro closed ok
- Jun 28 eng>por please, with sugar on top Eu estou te implorando pro closed ok
- Jun 15 eng>ita sample was cleaned pulizia dei dati di esempio pro closed ok
- Jun 12 alb>eng bashkësi numerike special / important / fundimental sets pro closed no
- Jun 7 eng>pol The shift tensor Tensor ekranowania pro closed ok
- Jun 4 eng>fas incumbent مقدار فعلی pro closed no
- Jun 4 pol>eng moc różnicująca their ability to discriminate / discriminatory ability pro open no
1 May 28 eng>alb SE Gabim Standard (SE) pro closed ok
2 May 28 eng>nor cruciform or template sampling prøvetaking i rett vinkel / ortogonale pro closed ok
- May 25 eng>esl Leave-one-out (Validación cruzada) dejando uno fuera. pro open no
4 May 24 eng>fra shorter chain chaînes plus courtes pro closed ok
- May 24 eng>fra rec-assay ensayo rec pro closed ok
- May 21 rus>eng числовая характеристика combination of positives pro closed no
- May 17 eng>esl slab signal cambio en la composición elemental pro open no
4 May 14 esl>eng bases de cambio exchangeable bases pro closed ok
- May 13 esl>eng se hace pasar is continuously passed pro closed ok
- May 7 eng>fra If the boundary is crossed si le critère primaire d'efficacité atteint la signification statistique pro open no
- May 7 rus>deu построение сечений Abschnitte pro closed ok
- May 6 eng>dut K-Means clustering model k-means clusteralgoritme pro open no
- May 5 eng>deu lane arithmetic Parallelverarbeitung in der der Arithmetisch-logische Einheiten (ALU) pro closed ok
4 Apr 28 eng>esl Purched purgar / limpiar pro closed ok
- Apr 24 esl>eng cortes roble / Tabebuia / Golden Trumpet Tree pro closed ok
- Apr 24 esl>eng quebracho (Nicaragua) Ceboruquillo pro closed ok
- Apr 17 eng>esl expansion questions preguntas de seguimiento pro closed ok
4 Apr 15 eng>ara Head of pressure ارتفاع السائل pro closed ok
- Apr 14 eng>rus Test for Proportion Data Проверка гипотез для пропорций pro open no
- Apr 9 esl>eng fracción generatriz fraction in its lowest terms pro closed ok
4 Apr 3 eng>fra anchor-based basé sur l'ancre pro closed ok
4 Mar 31 eng>esl count-and-round contar y redondear (hacia arriba) pro closed ok
4 Mar 26 dut>eng T0-meting initial value/measurement pro closed ok
4 Mar 24 eng>pol separate-variance nierówne wariancji pro closed ok
- Mar 22 eng>pol tree measure miarą drzewa pro open no
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