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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 1 esl>eng trazado plotting pro open no
- Aug 31 eng>eng Aine Ni Chaoindealbhain knee Quinlivawn pro open no
4 Aug 30 eng>esl "That's why we right songs right there!" write pro closed ok
- Aug 27 eng>esl count scale (eje con) escala expresada en números enteros. pro closed no
- Aug 23 eng>esl Follow through Él hizo lo que había prometido hacer pro open no
4 Aug 20 fra>eng un féroce "féroce" / Antilles-style guacamole pro closed ok
4 Aug 16 rus>eng градация качественного признака ranking of qualitative attributes pro closed ok
4 Aug 17 nor>eng "plassverdisystemet" Positional notation pro closed ok
4 Aug 17 nor>eng "enerplass" and "tierplass" Find the units and tens positions pro closed ok
- Aug 7 fra>ara fonctions d’ordre 4 التفرطح pro closed no
3 Jul 23 eng>fra Additive counting Principe de comptage : additivité / Principe d’addition pro closed ok
4 Jul 21 eng>... Sten score and T-score Т-скор pro closed ok
4 Jul 12 fra>ara Dans la mesure الوحدات المربعة pro closed ok
- Jul 12 fra>ara Pourtour حدود pro closed ok
4 Jul 10 fra>ara opératoires العمليات الحسابية pro closed ok
- Jul 4 fra>eng Oukaïda scouting song pro closed no
4 Jul 2 jpn>eng 裾度 tail pro closed ok
- Jun 29 esl>eng túmulo (refrigerated) catafalque pro open no
4 Jun 23 esl>eng RCSD DSCR pro closed ok
- Jun 22 esl>eng catódicamente hablando in TV terms / as seen on TV ... pro closed ok
- Jun 22 eng>fra TAKE 2 (la règle) TAKE 2 pro open no
- Jun 20 esl>eng El moño de la interfecta her scalp pro closed no
4 Jun 20 eng>ell by construction επίτηδες / εκ κατασκευής pro closed ok
- Jun 17 eng>... arc-sine transformation инверзни синус трансформација pro closed no
4 Jun 17 fra>eng Bloc de pneus pile of tyres pro closed no
4 Jun 11 esl>eng protagonizadas undertaken / featuring pro closed ok
- Jun 11 fra>deu sous-annonce Untererfassung pro closed no
- Jun 10 eng>.fs knowledge تا آنجایی که من میدانم pro closed ok
- Jun 9 eng>.fs follows در متن زیر pro closed ok
- Jun 9 fas>eng رفت و برگشتی reciprocating pro closed no
- Jun 7 eng>.fs universal function ا تابع جهانی می pro closed ok
4 Jun 4 eng>rus adjust to привести оценки к нулю pro closed no
- Jun 4 eng>rus affect how влиять pro closed ok
- May 30 eng>.fs contribution مقدار اضافه شده pro just_closed no
- May 27 rus>eng знак, который сокращается is rounded down to pro closed no
NP May 26 eng>esl Analytical tools herramientas de análisis / instrumentos de análisis" pro open no
- May 25 eng>esl Distractibility deficit de atención pro closed no
- May 25 eng>fra imbulu imbulu pro closed no
- May 24 esl>eng En boca in the mouth / mouth-feel pro closed ok
4 May 24 eng>fra EGO Bureau vert pro closed ok
- May 15 eng>ind fact families operasi setara pro open no
4 May 13 eng>fra ELL (language code) ELL (ISO 639-2/T, ISO 639-2/B) / GRE (ISO 639-3) pro closed ok
4 May 10 esl>eng maicillera sorghum cultivation pro closed ok
- May 10 eng>esl tie ups with faries companies for their employee refreshment diversas empresas pro open no
4 May 8 esl>eng primaverosa glucoxylose / gluco-xylose / primaverose pro closed ok
- May 7 esl>eng Distribución de muestreo de X, S2, t de student sampling/sample distribution of X pro closed ok
4 May 6 esl>eng vainillas de protectil, encamisados y núcleos (gilding-metal) jacket, case pro closed ok
4 May 4 esl>eng aviones de tipo "fuga" Fouga Magister / close support aircraft pro closed ok
- May 4 esl>eng maretaso swash pro closed ok
4 May 1 esl>eng despejando solving pro closed ok
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