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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 25 eng>esl Distractibility deficit de atención pro open no
- May 25 eng>fra imbulu imbulu pro open no
- May 24 esl>eng En boca in the mouth / mouth-feel pro open no
4 May 24 eng>fra EGO Bureau vert pro closed ok
- May 15 eng>ind fact families operasi setara pro open no
4 May 13 eng>fra ELL (language code) ELL (ISO 639-2/T, ISO 639-2/B) / GRE (ISO 639-3) pro closed ok
4 May 10 esl>eng maicillera sorghum cultivation pro closed ok
- May 10 eng>esl tie ups with faries companies for their employee refreshment diversas empresas pro open no
4 May 8 esl>eng primaverosa glucoxylose / gluco-xylose / primaverose pro closed ok
- May 7 esl>eng Distribución de muestreo de X, S2, t de student sampling/sample distribution of X pro closed ok
4 May 6 esl>eng vainillas de protectil, encamisados y núcleos (gilding-metal) jacket, case pro closed ok
4 May 4 esl>eng aviones de tipo "fuga" Fouga Magister / close support aircraft pro closed ok
- May 4 esl>eng maretaso swash pro closed ok
4 May 1 esl>eng despejando solving pro closed ok
4 Apr 28 cat>eng Aproximació de nombres naturals a un ordre d'unitats rounding to a (given) order / power of ten pro closed ok
- Apr 25 deu>ita Absatzstatistik-Vertriebsstatistik statistiche di vendita pro just_closed ok
- Apr 23 eng>lit The lines never cross or intersect. (dvi tiesios) linijos nesusikerta / tiesės yra lygiagrečios pro open no
- Apr 23 eng>eng cross vs. intersect see answer below. pro closed no
- Apr 20 deu>ita Abweichung Statistik IST/Vorjahr deviazione statistica / anno precedente pro closed ok
- Apr 6 eng>fra desired time horizon date de fin envisagée pro closed no
- Mar 31 fra>eng Il faut que je goûte à ta sauce to have sex pro closed ok
4 Mar 13 esl>eng provisorio (in this context) interim pro closed ok
4 Mar 13 fra>eng données de distribution x (the cases) have a gamma-Poisson distribution / are gamma-Poisson distributed pro closed ok
3 Mar 9 eng>esl FOUNSQMA Foundation Math for Soldier Qualification (SQ) pro closed ok
- Mar 3 fra>eng support de fixation method of reproduction pro closed ok
4 Feb 26 por>eng Diferença da média das diferenças between-group difference of the within-group pre- and post-treatment differences pro closed no
4 Feb 23 fra>eng ponts axle pro closed ok
4 Feb 23 fra>eng cale barrel wedge pro closed ok
- Feb 23 fra>eng castolin Brand name pro just_closed no
4 Feb 23 eng>esl condo condimento / aderezo pro closed ok
4 Feb 23 eng>esl first new suit primer traje nuevo pro closed ok
- Feb 21 deu>eng halbschriftlich Distributive Multiplication pro closed no
- Feb 21 deu>eng halbschriftlich partial quotient (division method/algorithm) pro closed no
- Feb 12 eng>eng trustful to has trust in pro closed no
- Feb 12 esl>eng tallo strip pro closed no
4 Feb 3 esl>eng con baja carga de apuntalante low proppant load pro closed no
- Feb 1 eng>esl ” drop caída / gota pro closed ok
- Feb 1 esl>eng warn/advise warn / call your attention to pro closed ok
4 Jan 31 esl>eng en el marco de implementación as part of the implementation pro closed ok
2 Jan 30 eng>dut tree gatekeeping procedure "gatekeeper"/"poortwachter" procedure pro closed ok
- Jan 19 eng>esl capture backwards comer hacia atrás pro closed no
2 Jan 14 fra>eng sous-admissible sous-admissible + note pro closed no
4 Jan 8 esl>eng tensiones de cedencia yield strength pro closed no
- Jan 4 eng>.fs to further bias the search اریبی / بایاس pro closed ok
- Jan 4 eng>.fs individual حکومت pro closed ok
- Dec 30 '14 eng>.fs inertial effects اثرات اینرسی pro closed ok
- Dec 21 '14 eng>pol a good quarter znaczna / spora część / dużą liczbę pro closed ok
4 Dec 20 '14 eng>fra on the face the bill Typo pro closed ok
4 Dec 17 '14 eng>esl Net (Pattern) Desarrollo de un poliedro pro closed ok
- Dec 16 '14 eng>fra bottom tenth 1er décile pro closed no
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