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Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

Name Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Short NameUPF
Organization typeSchool
Web site
Contact NameMª Antònia Mata
Contact Name TitleCap de la secretaria
Contact Phone(34) 93 542 23 92
Contact Fax(34) 93 542 22 95
Address La Rambla, 30-32, 08002
CityBarcelona , Catalunya
DescriptionDegree in Translation and Interpretation

Degree in Linguistics

The aim of this second cycle long Degree in Linguistics (Linguistics and technological applications) of the UPF is twofold:

On the one hand, to respond to the market needs and the demand for training in linguistics, applied linguistics and new technologies, clearly setting itself apart from other available courses which are of a more general, theoretical nature.

On the other, to satisfy the interest of future graduates in the analysis and the processing of natural language by means of the use of new technologies and computer and statistical applications

In companies and organisations:

a) extracting, recovering and handling information (web, e-commerce);

b) generating and assessing computerised tools applied to business logistics, and

c) automatic and computer-aided translation.

� At educational institutions:

a) teaching languages with the assistance of computers, and

b) creating multilingual interactive tools and multimedia-type tools.

� At health institutions:

a) developing tools for people with linguistic pathologies and specific communications needs (speech technology), and

b) developing tools that allow experts to act in the field of forensic medicine and psychiatry.

� At legal bodies and institutions:

a) developing speaker identification systems (speech technology);

b) determining the authorship of a text, letters or anonymous notes an a hearing;

c) determining the existence of plagiarism in songwriting, novels, books, filmscripts and translations, and in the production of exams, tests, and others;

d) analysing the falseness of public documents, and

e) interpreting and removing the ambiguity of legal and juridical written texts.

Type of OrganizationSchool
Admission criteria Does not have admission criteria (or not applicable).

Basic previous knowledge
You can join these studies from all of the options, be it through PAAU or Batxillerat. In all cases, however, you will first have to pass personal aptitude test. You must have a good command of your mother tongue(s) and of at least one foreign language (German, English or French).

You can also join the course from the Cicle Formatiu de Grau Superior d´Interpretació del Llenguatge de Signes (Higher Grade Studies of the Interpretation of Sign Language), plus the personal aptitude test.

. Foreign language proficiency . You must have an excellent command of the L2, both in so far as spoken and written comprehension.

As far as L3 is concerned,we recommend you have sufficient command as your progress will not be limited.

If you already have a degree or a diploma or have fully competed the first and second years of other studies, you can enter the third and fourth year cycle directly. In this case, you will have to pass specific aptitude tests.

Admission test: To be admitted to the Faculty, you must pass an aptitude test concerning the languages you have chosen.

In the test, you will have to sum up in your mother tongue (L1- language A Catalan or Spanish) a conference held in a foreign language of your choice (L2- language B English, French or German), and you will also have to do an additional exercise, to test your aptitude at changing from one to another language without incurring any grave interference. You may do this test in all and any linguistic combination of your preference.

To have passed the first and second years of any university Philology course

To have passed any other first and second year university studies or hold a university degree of any sort (with 16 credits of complementary subjects)
TrainingOffers training.
CredentialOffers credential(s).

Note: If you know any of the above information to be inaccurate, please let us know.

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