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English to Chinese: LifeSize ControlTM
Detailed field: Computers: Software
Source text - English

LifeSize ControlTM

Video Management Software

LifeSize Control is the all-in-one video communications management software for multi-vendor networks.

Unprecedented control of video communications assets

LifeSize Control enables IT administrators and network managers to efficiently manage growing video and audio communications networks.

Discover multi-vendor systems, monitor performance issues, establish automated workflow and notify administrators via cell phones and PDAs.

Schedule point to point and multipoint conferences easily, automatically establish calls, and provide Microsoft Outlook™ scheduling to end users.

Provide on-demand, graphical reports for management and export to PDF
or other formats at the touch of a button.

LifeSize Control is built on the Microsoft.NET™ framework and uses open, industry standards to ensure maximum security, integration and expansion
for the future.

Absolute simplicity for end users. Confident IT administrators. Lower TCO. It all adds up to the best return on video communications investments.

Clearly Better Management

Complete Global Management — Real-time management; automated workflow and centralized software upgrades

Multi-Vendor Support — Manage a complete multi-vendor, standards-based network including LifeSize™, Polycom®, and TANDBERG™ systems

Fast, Easy Scheduling — Schedule multipoint or point-to-point conferences using a web browser or Microsoft Outlook

Graphical Reporting & Exporting — Prepackaged data and graphical reports
with one touch export to Excel™, CSV™, PDF™, and HTML

Simple-to-Use, Web-based Interface — Graphical interface with multiple viewing options

Global Directory Services — Automated registration and global access to directory with H.350 support

Secure — Standards based access methods and end-to-end encryption

Automatic Call Establishment™ — No forward planning for calls or multipoint conferences, system intelligently assigns resources


Product Specifications

Multi-Vendor, Video Management Software
Inventory auto-discovery and management of multi-vendor video communications and IP devices. Manages multi-vendor H.323, H.320 standards-based systems. Manages LifeSize™, Polycom®, and TANDBERG™ systems.

Graphical, Web-based Interface
All-in-one, web-based interface
Multiple view options and graphical and network maps
Local language support

Real-Time Alarms, Filter and Workflow
View and filter alarms
Notify technicians via email and cell phone

Templates and Software Upgrades
Schedule and manage groups and individual systems
Configuration for non-production environment upgrades beta, lab and production groups
Set up configuration templates and manage and distribute

Scheduling Specifications
Web-Based Scheduler
Intuitive, web browser-based scheduling interface for administrators and scheduling bureaus
Time zone aware for automatic adjustment to appropriate time zones
Find free-time feature
Add external participants
Remotely initiate, modify and terminate conferences

Microsoft Exchange™ Integration
End user scheduling with Microsoft Outlook

Directories Services
Standards-based H.350, E.164-compliant user directory
Import and export user directories
Auto populate new users
Hierarchical address books*
Real-time updates
Support for multi-vendor address book formats

Automatic Call Establishment™ (ACE)
Intelligent call set up and automatic re-routing. No forward call planning for point-to-point to large multipoint calls

Pre-packaged and customizable reports
Usage, inventory, diagnostic and audit reporting on call detail records (CDR)
Graphical and data reports by year, month, week and day
One button export to Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV

Open, Extensible, Platform
Microsoft.NET™ architecture, open, standards-based platform
Support for industry standard databases with MSDE™ and Microsoft SQL™ Server v7.0 or higher
DBA toolset for database backup

Standards-based encryption—Rijndael, 16 bit
Secure access methods include SSL, SSH, SFTP, SNMP v3
Active Directory authentication
Transaction log files
Audit features
Secure storage
Roles-based access for administrators, engineers and operators

Server Requirements:
Web-browser based management module that runs on a Windows Server™ 2003 system
Microsoft Active Directory

LifeSize Control supports the following server configurations:
•For support of up to 100 devices: single processor 2.66 GHz machine; 1 GB RAM; 80 GB hard disk drive
•For support of up to 5000 devices: dual processor 2.66 GHz machine; 4 GB RAM; 160 GB hard disk drive

Client Requirements:
Microsoft Internet Explorer™ or Apple Safari™
Macromedia Flash™ plug-in

Microsoft Exchange server Integration:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
2.4Ghz Pentium 4™ or Higher
1GB Ram
20 GB

Microsoft Outlook™ client:
Windows 2000/XP with Outlook 2003
256MB Memory
1GB Disk Space

Per seat packages and unlimited site license available

All specifications are subject to change without notice. LifeSize is a registered trademark or trademark of LifeSize Communications in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. June 2006.
Translation - Chinese
LifeSize ControlTM


LifeSize Control是用于管理多供应商网络的一体化视频管理软件。


LifeSize Control使得IT和网络管理员能够有效地管理不断扩张的视频音频通讯网络。


方便的点对点和多点会议计划,自动建立呼叫,并为终端用户提供Microsoft Outlook™计划。


LifeSize Control基于Microsoft.NET平台构建,使用开放的工业标准,以确保将来可达到最大化的安全、集成度和可扩展性。

对于终端用户来说,绝对简单易用。 使IT管理员放心的软件。 低TCO(整体拥有成本)。 所有这些都累加为视频通讯投资的最佳回报。


完善的全局管理 — 实时管理;自动工作流程和集中化的软件升级功能

多供应商支持 — 管理一个完整的多供应商、基于标准的网络网络,包括LifeSize™、Polycom®和 TANDBERG™。

快速、简便的计划 — 使用一个web浏览器或Microsoft Outlook计划多点或点对点会议

图形化报表与输出 — 预先打包的数据和图形化报告,可以一键式输出至Excel™、CSV™, PDF™和HTML

使用简单的Web接口 — 带有多个查看选项的图形化接口

全局化目录管理服务 — 自动注册,在H.350的支持下可全局访问目录

安全 — 该标准基于其访问手段和端对端加密

自动呼叫建立™ — 对于没有预先计划的呼叫或多点会议,系统将智能地分配资源



对自动发现并管理的多供应商视频通讯与IP设备进行报告 管理多供应商基于H.323、H.320标准的系统。 管理 LifeSize™、Polycom®和 TANDBERG™系统。





Microsoft Exchange 集成
使用Microsoft Outlook结束用户计划

基于标准H.350, E.164 — 符合用户目录

自动呼叫建立™ (ACE)
智能呼叫设置,以及自动重发 对于点对点到大的多点呼叫,不需要转发计划


支持采用DE™、 Microsoft SQL™ Server v7.0及其更高版本的工业标准数据库

安全访问手段包括SSL、SSH、SFTP和SNMP v3

基于网络浏览器的管理模块可以在Windows Server™ 2003系统上运行

LifeSize Control 支持以下最低服务器配置:
支持多达100个设备: 采用单处理器2.66 GHz的机器;1 GB RAM;80 GB硬盘驱动器
支持多达5000个设备: 采用单处理器2.66 GHz的机器;4 GB RAM;160 GB硬盘驱动器

Microsoft Internet Explorer™或Apple Safari™
Macromedia Flash™插件

Microsoft Exchange 集成
Microsoft Exchange 2003
2.4Ghz Pentium 4™或更高
20 GB

Microsoft Outlook™客户端:
带有Outlook 2003的Windows 2000/XP系统
256MB 内存


所有的说明如有更改,恕不另行通知。 LifeSize是LifeSize Communications在美国和其它国家的注册商标或商标。 所有其它商标为其各自所有者的财产。 2006年6月。
English to Chinese: Allegro
Detailed field: Electronics / Elect Eng
Source text - English

The Allegro ACS706 family of current sensors provides small form factor and accurate solutions for current sensing in industrial, automotive, commercial, and communications systems. Typical applications include motor control, load detection and management, switched-mode power supplies, and overcurrent fault protection.

The device consists of a precision, low-offset linear Hall sensor circuit with a copper conduction path located near the surface of the die. Applied current flowing through this copper conduction path generates a magnetic field which is sensed by the integrated Hall IC and converted into a proportional voltage. Device accuracy is optimized through the close proximity of the magnetic signal to the Hall transducer. A precise, proportional voltage is provided by the low-offset, chopper-stabilized BiCMOS Hall IC, which is programmed for accuracy at the factory.

The output of the device has a positive slope (>VCC / 2) when an increasing current flows through the primary copper conduction path (from pins 1 and 2, to pins 3 and 4), which is the path used for current sensing. The internal resistance of this conductive path is typically 1.5 mΩ, providing low power loss. The thickness of the copper conductor allows survival of the device at up to 5× overcurrent conditions. The terminals of the conductive path are electrically isolated from the sensor leads (pins 5 through 8). This allows the ACS706 family of sensors to be used in applications requiring electrical isolation without the use of opto-isolators or other costly isolation techniques.

The ACS706 is provided in a small, surface mount SOIC8 package. The leadframe is plated with 100% matte tin, which is compatible with standard lead (Pb) free printed circuit board assembly processes. Internally, the flip-chip uses high-temperature Pb-based solder balls, currently exempt from RoHS. The device is fully calibrated prior to shipment from the factory.

About our Company

Who is Allegro?
Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. provides innovative system-level solutions in the design and manufacture of advanced mixed-signal Hall-effect sensor and analog power ICs serving high-growth applications worldwide within the Automotive Electronics, Office Automation, Industrial and Portable Electronics markets. We offer cutting-edge technology, a commitment to quality, and innovative solutions. Our design and manufacturing teams are ready to work diligently with you to support your needs.

What Sets Allegro Apart?
Allegro develops total solutions for virtually all power IC and sensing applications. We provide vertically integrated mixed-signal ICs, adding more components and greater functionality. Allegro's line has extensive product breadth and depth, with standard "plug and play" products.
The only Hall-effect manufacturer with BiCMOS design capabilities.
BCD (Bi-polar, CMOS, DMOS) products offer greater efficiency, and control.

Allegro's Mission
Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. will remain a worldwide leading supplier of analog integrated circuits to the automotive, portable electronics, office automation and industrial market segments through focused efforts to
Provide value to our customers
Offer technically advanced products
Achieve growth and profitability
Challenging the organization to continuously improve, and
Maintain a positive work environment for our associates

Allegro's Businesses
Allegro is currently organized into two technology-defined groups. These groups are paving parallel paths of expansion, up-integration, and diversification by entering or broadening into markets with higher growth.
The Sensor group produces Hall-effect sensors offering contactless switching for applications such as direction-detection, geartooth, linear, position, and speed sensing for automotive, industrial, consumer, and portable electronics.
The IC group produces power ICs for motor drives, motor control and power interface. Allegro's ICs are used in office automation (particularly printers), industrial, automotive and portable electronics markets.

Allegro's Technology
Allegro is a technology leader, an up-integrated developer of total solutions for multiple power ICs and sensing applications. The product success is based on extensive semiconductor expertise and merged technologies capabilities. Allegro's products are built with design features that include high-current outputs, very wide operating temperature range, reversed power supply, and transient protection, and output short-circuit safety functions.

Mixed-signal processing capabilities allow precision analog circuitry to be used in harsh operating conditions. Allegro has strategically positioned itself in the analog segment, and emphasizes application-specific, market-driven products with high technology content. These include bipolar, CMOS, and DMOS technologies, as well as merged technologies such as BiCMOS (bipolar + silicon-gate CMOS), BCD (bipolar + CMOS + DMOS), and DABIC (digital + analog + BiCMOS). The company can and does combine any two or all three of its product disciplines into a single monolithic chip to deliver powerful system-level solutions. These solutions are sold under Allegro's trademark "ABCD5" (Allegro's BiCMOS, CMOS and DMOS).

Allegro's Products and Solutions
Allegro manufactures Hall-Effect Sensors, Motor Driver ICs, Power Conversion Devices, Power Interface ICs, and Power Management ICs. Standard Product Development resources are focused on introduction of the next generation mixed-signal product solution. The Company focuses on power output products that add value to overall systems. The end result are products that offer higher levels of function integration, lower system stand-by power, and lower output saturation voltages.

Allegro's sensors are based on Hall-effect technology, which allows contact-less sensing, (devoid of mechanical wear) of either an external magnet or a ferrous object. Specifically, Hall-effect sensors are used for contactless switching, position sensing, speed sensing, linear sensing and gear-tooth sensing. Currently, the auto market is where the most Allegro sensor applications can be found, applications within engine, transmission, emissions, suspension, steering, braking, cooling, doors/windows/seats, airbags, and other systems. Recent strict emission regulations on boat engines and other small engines will create demand for like products in these markets.
For Hall-effect sensors, a dilemma can sometimes arise because electronic design engineers are not comfortable with the necessary IC components and mechanical design engineers are not comfortable with the magnets. In these cases, the up-integration of components and sub-assemblies, by Allegro, combining both aspects, is the answer.

Power IC applications in office automation are led by the motor driver needs of various printers (inkjet for PCs, vending, P-O-S, etc.), scanners, projectors, fax machines, copiers and multifunction peripherals.
Driver and controller ICs are also produced by Allegro for fractional horsepower dc, stepper and brushless dc motors in the industrial and automotive markets. BCD technology gives Allegro an advantage in higher power applications and allows expansion in existing markets and associated applications such as large tape drives, automotive blowers, power steering motors, and factory automation.
Power Interface ICs are used in industrial and automotive applications such as relays and solenoids, and LED and VF displays. Display drivers include those used in automotive, medical, scales and signs.

Allegro understands that investment in manufacturing is critical to long-term success. The ongoing investment in IC fabrication, packaging, testing, and handling facilities, both in the US and abroad, ensures that Allegro is poised to meet the needs of all customers. The Company is committed to manufacturing integrated circuits with the highest standards of quality, reliability and service.

Allegro Facts
Allegro, operating under that name for the past decade, is the successor to Sprague Semiconductor Group, with 40 years combined experience in the semiconductor industry. With over 2,500 employees worldwide, Allegro is headquartered in Worcester, MA, where design, manufacturing, test, marketing and customer service are located in a 250,000 sq. ft. facility. The Company also has manufacturing plants in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and the Philippines, as well as sales, design and marketing offices in Scotland, UK, France and Argentina. Sales are balanced worldwide throughout North and South America, Europe, Japan and Asia-Pacific, with products sold primarily to OEMs through a strong worldwide sales channel that includes a direct sales force, manufacturers representatives and distribution. The Company is ISO 9000 and QS-9000 registered and has received quality awards from leading manufacturers worldwide, including IECQ manufacturer's approval.
Allegro is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanken Electric Company, Ltd., a billion dollar company who manufactures semiconductors, discretes, LEDs, and switch mode power supplies, with headquarters in Saitama, Japan. The two companies jointly develop and market leading-edge products in the areas of power management and motion control. This enables both organizations to fully utilize the company's worldwide strengths and resources for the benefit of our customers.
Translation - Chinese

在工业、汽车行业、商业与通讯系统中,Allegro ACS706系列电流传感器可为电流传感提供小尺寸架构、以及精确的解决方案。 其典型应用包括电机控制、负载检测与管理、开关电源以及过流故障保护。

该传感器由一个精密的,低失调线性的霍尔传感器电路,以及一个位于管芯表面附近的铜质传导通路组成。 霍尔 IC 感应铜质传导通路中的电流产生的磁场,并按比例转换为相应的电压。 由于磁场信号非常接近霍尔变送器,所以传感器精度可达到最优。 低失调线性、斩波稳定的 BiCMOS 霍尔 IC(为了保证精度,已在工厂中进行了编程)将给出一个精确的、成比例的电压。

当通过初级铜质传导通路(来自1、2脚,至3、4脚)的电流增加时,该传导通路用于电流传感,传感器输出会有一个正斜率(>VCC / 2)。 该传导通路的内阻典型值为1.5 mΩ,其功耗低。 在高达5×过流的情况下,铜质导体的厚度使得传感器依然可用。 传导通路的接线端与传感器导线(5至8脚)间实现了电绝缘。 这就使得ACS706系列传感器可用于要求电绝缘的应用,而不需要使用光隔离器或者其它昂贵的绝缘技术。

ACS706以体积小、表面安装的SOIC8封装的形式提供。 引线框采用100%的雾锡进行电镀,符合标准无铅(Pb)印刷电路板的装配处理。 在内部,倒装芯片使用了高温铅焊球(目前RoHS已豁免)。 在出厂发货前,设备将全面校准。


Allegro微系统公司专业设计生产高级混合信号霍尔效应传感器和模拟电源 IC 方面提供新颖的系统级解决方案,供应世界各地迅猛增长的汽车电子、办公自动化、工业和便携式电子产品市场。 我们提供尖端技术,致力于品质和新颖的解决方案。 我们的设计和生产团队乐意与您一起勤勉工作,满足您的需求。

Allegro针对实际的所有电源 IC和传感应用开发整体的解决方案。 我们提供垂直集成的混合信号IC,能够添加更多的组件与更强的功能。 Allegro的产品线具有广泛的产品宽度与深度,拥有标准的即插即用产品。
BCD (Bi-polar, CMOS, DMOS)产品提供更高的效率,以及更多控制。

对于汽车、便携式电子设备、办公自动化和工业市场来说,Allegro MicroSystems公司依然是一个世界领先的模拟集成电路供应商,其成就主要集中在:

目前,Allegro被组成两个以技术为标准的部门。 通过进入或者拓宽有较高增长率市场,这些部门铺就扩展、向上集成和多样化的并行道路。
IC 部门生产电源IC,用于电机驱动、电机控制和电源接口。 Allegro生产的IC用于办公自动化(尤其是打印机)、工业的,汽车的便携式的电子产品市场。

Allegro 是一个技术领先者,提供多电源IC和传感应用整体解决方案,向上集成的开发商。 产品的成功的基础是广泛的半导体专门技术和融合技术能力。 Allegro的产品以设计的特点来构造,这些特点包括大电流输出、超宽的操作温度范围、逆向电源和瞬间保护、以及输出短路安全功能。

混合信号处理能力确保在苛刻的操作条件下可使用精确的模拟电路。 在战略上,Allegro将自己定位于模拟部分,强调特定应用,有高技术含量的市场驱动的产品。 这些包括bipolar,CMOS、DMOS技术、以及融合技术,例如BiCMOS(bipolar + silicon-gate CMOS)、 BCD(bipolar + CMOS + DMOS) DABIC(digital + analog + BiCMOS)。 该公司可以并正将任意两种,或全部三种产品要求组合到一个单块芯片上,用于提供强大的系统级方案。 这些解决方案以Allegro的注册商标”ABCD5”(Allegro的BiCMOS, CMOS and DMOS)销售。

Allegro生产霍尔效应传感器、电机驱动IC、电源转换器、电源接口IC和电源管理IC等。 标准产品开发资源集中引进下一代混合信号产品解决方案。 Allegro公司专注于电源输出产品,这可以为整个系统增添更多价值。 其最终的成果就是这样的产品,可以提供高级功能集成、减少系统备用电源、并降低输出饱和电压。

Allegro的传感器以霍尔效应技术为基础,允许无接触传感,对于外部磁铁或铁磁体来说,不存在机械磨损。 特别地,霍尔效应传感器可用于无接触开关、位置传感、速度传感、线性传感和齿轮传感器。 目前,汽车市场是Allegro传感器应用最多的地方,在发动机、变速器、尾气排放、悬吊系统、转向系统、制动、冷却系统、车门/车窗/座位、安全气囊和其它系统中都有应用。 对于这些市场中的同类产品,新近的船用发动机和其它小型引擎的严格排放标准将提出要求。
对于霍尔效应传感器,有时候会出现进退维谷的状况,其原因是电子设计工程师并没有觉得必需的IC组件舒适好用,而机械设计工程师则认为磁铁并不是那么好用。 在这些状况下,Allegro结合了组件向上集成和次装配两个方面,这就是解决这个问题的答案。

电源 IC
不同的打印机(用于PC的inkjet、vending、P-O-S等)、扫描仪、投影仪、传真机、复印机和多功能外围设备的电机驱动需求引导了电源 IC 在办公自动化中的应用。
Allegro同样也生产驱动器与控制 IC,用于工业与汽车市场的分马力直流、步进和无刷直流电机。 BCD技术使得Allegro在大功率应用中占有优势,并可以在现有市场和相关应用中进行扩展,如大型磁带驱动器、动力方向盘电机和工厂自动化,
电压接口 IC用于工业和汽车应用,如继电器、电磁铁、LED和VF显示。 显示驱动器包括这些用于汽车、医药、量衡以及标识。

Allegro认为,要取得长期的成功,在生产制造上的投资刻不容缓。 在 IC制造、封装、测试以及处理设备上的持续投资,包括美国境内和海外,确保Allegro可以自如地满足所有客户的需求。 该公司承诺生产制造具有最高标准的品质,可靠性和服务的集成电路。

Allegro 现状
在过去的十年中,该公司以Allegro这个名字运转,Allegro是Sprague Semiconductor Group的继任者,该公司拥有40年半导体工业的丰富经验。 在全世界范围内,拥有超过2,500名员工,Allegro是位于马萨诸塞伍斯特的总部,设计、制造、测试、营销以及客户服务均位于一个250,000平方英尺的工厂内。该公司在美国新罕布什尔州、宾夕法尼亚州和菲律宾设有制造工厂,同时在苏格兰、UK、法国和阿根廷设有销售、设计和营销办事处。 在全世界范围内,包括北美、南美、欧洲、日本和亚太地区,销售在有条不紊地进行,通过一个强有力的遍布世界的销售渠道,包括直接销售人员、制造商代表和推销,将产品主要出售给OEM。 该公司已获ISO 9000和QS-9000注册,并从世界领先的制造商那里获得过质量奖,其中包括IECQ制造商认证。
Allegro是Sanken Electric Company, Ltd.的全资子公司,这是一个拥有十亿美元资产的公司,制造半导体、离散设备、LED以及开关式电源,其总部在日本的Saitama。 在电源管理和运动控制领域,两个公司联合开发和销售前沿产品。 这就使得两个机构能够为了我们客户的利益,充分利用公司在世界范围内的力量和资源。
English to Chinese: Siemon
Detailed field: IT (Information Technology)
Source text - English
Combining 10 Gb/s performance with the security, noise immunity and pathway space maximization of a screened cabling system, Siemon’s 10G 6A F/UTP end-to-end solution represents the cutting edge of augmented category 6 cabling. A part of Siemon’s 10G ip™ family, 10G 6A F/UTP meets or exceeds all standard performance requirements for 10GBASE-T, including alien crosstalk parameters.
Siemon’s full 10G 6A F/UTP channel consists of the screened 10G 6A MAX® module, smaller diameter Siemon F/UTP cable and TERA®-MAX patch panels as well as screened 10G 6A MC® patch cords and the screened version of Siemon’s innovative high-density BladePatch® patch cord. The system is supported by multiple work area faceplates and surface mount options in addition to a full suite of Siemon rack and cable management products.

10G 6A F/UTP screened MAX® Modules The screened MAX module is the cornerstone of our high performance screened cabling systems. As part of a complete 10G 6A F/UTP system, these easily terminated modules meet or exceed all 10GBASE-T performance requirements including alien crosstalk.

Fully Screened — Design optimizes shield effectiveness for protection from EMI and alien crosstalk
Easy Identification — Colored icons provided port identification
Variety — Angled, flat and keystone outlets available
Rear Shield Protection — Robust rear shield protects IDC terminations and maintains shield effectiveness

decreased termination time 10G 6A F/UTP screened MAX modules can be terminated in less than three minutes, roughly equivalent to category 6A UTP


For the data center and work area
10G 6A F/UTP screened MAX is designed for use with both TERA-MAX patch panels and 10G MAX

10G 6A F/UTP screened MAX Modules Beyond 10G 6A performance, the screened MAX module is packed with time saving features. Our innovative tool-less design allows all 4 pairs to be mass terminated with a pair of channel locks. Use our patented cable preparation tool (CPT-RGTP) and the end result is an outlet that can be terminated quickly and easily while maintaining a full shielded connection for better Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance. Outlets terminate all shielded and foiled cable constructions with 22 – 24 AWG (0.65 – 0.51mm) solid in 26 AWG (0.48mm) stranded conductors.

Part # Description
10GMX-FS Flat screened 10G 6A MAX
module, T568A/B
10GMX-S Angled screened 10G 6A MAX module, T568A/B
10GMX-KS Keystone screened 10G 6A MAX module, T568A/B
patch panels
TERA-MAX 19 inch patch panels provide outstanding performance and reliability in a shielded, high-density modular solution. As outlets are snapped into place, resilient ground tabs and ground lugs assure that each outlet and cable is properly grounded for maximum protection from outside interference. No secondary grounding operations are required, reducing overall installation time. Built-in cable management and strain relief are integrated onto the rear of panel.
Iintegrated grounding Panels feature integrated grounding via resilient ground tabs automatically engaged during MAX

module insertion.

Slim Design
Use flat screened MAX modules in TERA-MAX patch panel for high density telecommunications room applications.

Standard Fit — Panels can be mounted directly on standard 19 inch relay rack or cabinet
Durable — Lightweight, high strength steel with black or metallic finish
High Density — 24 10Gb/s ports in just 1 RMS
Installation Friendly — Individual modules easily snap into place, providing integrated grounding without additional steps
Port Identification — Bold port numbering enables quick identification of outlets
Translation - Chinese
结合了10 Gb/s的性能与安全性、噪声免疫性,以及屏蔽布线系统的路径空间最大化原则,西蒙10G 6A F/UTP端到端解决方案代表了增强型6类布线最前沿的技术。作为西蒙10G ip™系列的一部分,10G 6A F/UTP满足或超越了10GBASE-T标准中的所有标准性能要求,包括外来串扰参数。

西蒙完整的10G 6A F/UTP通道由屏蔽10G 6A MAX®模块,小直径的西蒙F/UTP线缆,TERA®-MAX配线架,以及屏蔽的10G 6A MC® 快速跳线和西蒙创新的高密度 BladePatch® 快速跳线的屏蔽版本组成。该系统由多个工作区面板和表面安装选项,以及全套的西蒙机架和线缆管理产品支持。

10G 6A F/UTP 屏蔽 MAX® 模块
屏蔽的 MAX 模块是高性能屏蔽布线系统的基础。作为完整的10G 6A F/UTP系统的一部分,这些易于使用的终端模块满足或超越了所有10GBASE-T标准中的所有性能要求,其中包括外来串扰。





10G 6A F/UTP 屏蔽MAX 模块可以在三分钟内实现端接,大约与6A类 UTP 相当

对于数据中心和工作区,10G 6A F/UTP 屏蔽MAX 模块被设计成既能使用TERA-MAX配线架,也能使用10G MAX的形式

10G 6A F/UTP 屏蔽MAX 模块
该产品超越了10G 6A 的性能,屏蔽MAX 模块具有省时的端接特性。我们革新的免工具设计允许所有的4对跳线与一对通道锁集中端接。使用我们的专利—线缆准备工具(CPT-RGTP),末端则形成一个插座,可以快速简便地实现端接,在保持完整屏蔽连接的同时,能够获得更好的电磁兼容(EMC)性能。插座限定了所有屏蔽线缆的结构,在26 AWG (0.48mm) 绞线中为22 – 24 AWG (0.65 – 0.51mm) 实心。
部分# 描述

10GMX-FS 平口屏蔽10G 6A MAX模块,T568A/B

10GMX-S 斜口屏蔽10G 6A MAX 模块,T568A/B

10GMX-KS Keystone屏蔽10G 6A MAX模块,T568A/B
TERA®-max® 配线架 TERA-MAX 19"配线架提供了卓越的性能,以及在隔离的、高密度模块解决方案中的可靠性。当插座安装到位时,弹性接地片和接地用接线柱确保每个插座和线缆都能够正确接地,最大程度地保护线缆免于外部干扰。并不需要二级接地操作,节省了总的装配时间。内置线缆管理和应变消除装置集成在配线架的后部。

就高密度机房应用而言,在TERA-MAX配线架中要使用平口屏蔽MAX 模块。


高密度-仅在1 RMS 内,可排列24个 10Gb/s端口


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The Thames Valley District School Board is participating in a field-test of the Steps to English Proficiency (STEP) project sponsored by the Ministry of Education. The purpose of this material is to assist teachers working with students who are learning English.

Your child=s ESL teacher will be collecting samples of your child=s writing. Your child might also be included in audio and video recordings.

We would like your permission to collect written and audio samples of your child=s work. We would also like your permission to videotape scenes that show your child working with his/her ESL teacher using the STEP materials.

If you agree to allow your child to participate in this field-test please sign the attached forms and return to your child=s ESL teacher before ____________________________.
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