Attendance Record

Powwow ID: ______     Location: ____________     Date: _______     Organizer: ______________

Please enter attendance sheets online at

Every person in attendance, including the organizer, should add his or her details to the following form. For the column labelled "ProZ ID", the number associated with the person's profile should be entered. If the person is a member, but the number is unknown, enter a question mark. If the person is not a member, enter "Not member". powwows provide an opportunity for member identities to be verified. The site organizer should ask those interested in identity verification to show photo ID. If the name shown on the photo ID is the same as the name entered below, the site organizer should write his or her name in the "Identity verified by" column. If the organizer wishes to have his/her own identity verified, he/she should show photo ID to another guest (one who is registered with and has provided photo ID), who may then enter his/her name in the "identity verified by" column.

ProZ ID Name Email Identity verified by