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St. Jerome
International Translation Day is observed on September 30, St. Jerome's Day. Throughout the world, St. Jerome, the Bible translator, has always been considered the patron saint of translators and interpreters.

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Andrzej L. Skup says:  Mon, 29 December

With reference to Yevtushenko's quote (cf. RominaZ's comment herein), technical translation is beautiful when it is faithful. On the other hand, the difference between the woman and a translation is that a translation, as opposed to a woman, is to be faithful (someone said so).
Rayne Trans says:  Mon, 15 December

Not a quote, just my opinion. To me learning and later 'knowing' a new language is like opening another door and stepping into a whole new world. Although people who only know their own native language mostly seem to be happy with that and often don't feel the urge to learn another, I can't help but pity them. They limit themselves to only 'one' world.
Anderson Zheng says:  Fri, 10 October

Doing translation is always like doing homework, since I know I have so much things to learn in my life of translation.
KHAMIS says:  Thu, 9 October

Translation cannot be dissociated from the notion of progress, some even maintain that a society can be measured by the translation it accepts - Jean- Francois Joly
AJL MedCom (X) says:  Tue, 30 September

Say what we may of the inadequacy of translation, yet the work is and will always be one of the weightiest and worthiest undertakings in the general concerns of the world. J. W. Goethe
roxana68 says:  Tue, 30 September

I have no famous quote, I only wanted to say Hi everybody!! I am honored to be a translator after reading all the beautiful quotes! Have a lovely and happy day to all of you! :)
Rosemary Graham-Gardner says:  Sat, 27 September

There are as many translations of the same document as there are translators! Just like there are as many Gods as there are people!
Maya Gorgoshidze says:  Fri, 19 September

The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps. Robert Benchley …and what about the freelance translator? ;)
Mariana Gambarrotti says:  Tue, 30 September

Mannygam There is nothing more difficult than to not be able to participate in a really interesting conversation, knowing that you are intelligent and well educated. This happened to me with my german husband who was not fair to translate nothing for me. With time i said to myself, i will let u know what am able to. Learned the language and now I can speak, read and translate. This was a real task and goal, knowing that the human beings be able to do and go through, what ever the purpose is. I am so happy whentranslators herein are so capable and have so wonderful qualities, gifted and multitasked, yes it is a wonderful gift . How much richness we gathered and learned every single day with any theme of translations. Mostly knowing that we are still able and pleased to help anybody to others to transpass all barriers we impossed to ourselves unknowing a language. Good luck to everybody in or day!!
EnTG-Translator says:  Wed, 17 September

(1 Corinthians 12:29-31) . . .Not all are apostles, are they? Not all are prophets, are they? Not all are teachers, are they? Not all perform powerful works, do they? 30 Not all have gifts of healings, do they? Not all speak in tongues, do they? Not all are translators, are they? 31 But keep zealously seeking the greater gifts.. . .
Annie Bode says:  Tue, 16 September

Since translation requires more than one language, I thought I would share this quote: As a hawk flieth not high with one wing, even so a man reacheth not to excellence with one tongue. Roger Ascham
Elizabeth Castaldini says:  Mon, 15 September

The woods are lovely, dark and deep But I have due dates to keep And words to translate before I sleep Words to translate before I sleep
Katharina Wawrzon-Stewart says:  Mon, 15 September

“Prayer is translation. A man translates himself into a child asking for all there is in a language he has barely mastered.” Leonard Cohen
Rimma Kehr says:  Mon, 15 September

A translation is a part of communication, I am happy to communicate and every new language knowledge brings me friends all over the world. These are my own words. Rimma Kehr
Virginia Severi says:  Fri, 12 September

I have read this proverb: "To read a translated book is like kissing the bride through the veil"
Rosina Peixoto says:  Fri, 12 September

"If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream." Rene Magritte
Fernanda Rocha says:  Fri, 12 September

"Whoever takes upon himself to translate contracts a debt; to discharge it, he must pay not with the same money, but the same sum." Constance B. West
José Carlos Ribeiro says:  Wed, 10 September

I have two which I hope will be famous, someday ... A translator is an author without a subject. An author is a translator of him/herself. Me ... :)
Erika Pacheco says:  Wed, 10 September

Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture. Anthony Burgess
Anton Liachovic says:  Wed, 10 September

I forgot the author and the source of this quote, but it really hit my heart when I heard it for the first time at university while I was a student of English Philology. It goes like this: "Many critics, no defenders - translators have but few complaints: when they hit - no one remembers, when they miss - no one forgets".
Miriam Tabak says:  Fri, 5 September

For me good communication is a passion. In whatever language of this planet !
Julia Nikitenok says:  Fri, 5 September

"Translators are the post-horses of enlightenment" Alexander Pushkin
Cagdas Karatas says:  Fri, 5 September

Say what we may of the inadequacy of translation, yet the work is and will always be one of the weightiest and worthiest undertakings in the general concerns of the world. J. W. Goethe
Percy Balemans says:  Thu, 4 September

"Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture." - Anthony Burgess
RominaZ says:  Thu, 4 September

"Translation is like a woman. If it is beautiful, it is not faithful. If it is faithful, it is most certainly not beautiful." Yevgeny Yevtushenko
sarah1 says:  Thu, 9 October

The first time I had to read in English a Sales agreement written in Spanish before the Notary Public, I was so nervous, that instead of translating "transfer the property" I said "Trespass the property" :(
Andrea Ali says:  Tue, 7 October

It was a huge team work, on safety equipment. I had hundreds of occurrences of "fall detention" which I read and translated as "fall detection"... The worst part, I was delighted thinking how could a safety equipment possibly detect a fall... Fortunately the PM understood the mistake ;-)
Nigel Greenwood says:  Tue, 30 September

I made a very big blunder on one of my first jobs, which included abut 70% of DTP work. I worked like crazy for a full week, (20 hours per day) to find out that when I presented it, (beautifully finished and perfectly translated) I had received instructions (which I had not read, silly me) to only translate (without DTP) 30% of the source text. Now I laugh about it, but then I cried.
mimi 254 says:  Tue, 30 September

In a mad rush one day, i read interdepartmental as intergovernmental in a speech and translated it as intergouvernemental. After delivery, i was restless, asking myself what incident that can provoke, especially that it was during a crisis in a country. Luckily, it went unnoticed.
Maya Gorgoshidze says:  Fri, 19 September

Once I was just going to send one ‘completed’ reviewing/proofreading job to the client, when I realized that I corrected the source file. Fortunately, I had enough time left until the deadline.
Ahmet Murati says:  Mon, 15 September

Well, the hardest topics on translations between various languages is to chose the proper word for translation. And to translate poems it is also hard
Elena Carbonell says:  Fri, 12 September

My worst ever blunder was to translate a whole big document on a rush job, two days with hardly any sleep but luckily I finished it on time, only to realize that what they asked me was to translate a quarter of the document which I could have made in just one day...
Denise Baldry says:  Fri, 12 September

A "miscellaneous" chapter of a technical instruction manual translated as "Tits and bits"...
Najwa Al-Nabulsi says:  Fri, 10 October

Translation is not merely a work, it is a very important devise in conveying the cultural of one civilazation to another.
Susi Septaviana says:  Mon, 22 September

Bridging the gaps through language. "what translators can contribute to the world's issues"
Romina Bona says:  Fri, 19 September

"Seize the word"
Paulo Carielo says:  Tue, 16 September

On-line ways (sites, blogs, tools) to improve overall quality in translations
AZ-Loc says:  Fri, 5 September

The weirdest customer request that you have ever heard of...

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