Powwow Report for Netherlands - Rotterdam (Jan 12 2008)

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Report from  Albert Stufkens
Initially I was concerned about the weather early in January (midwinter), just after a long spell of rainy, gusty and cold winds. These conditions could spoil attendance and fun during the powwow. But, as it turned out, the national weather bureau could forcast reasonable, acceptable weather conditions 8 days in advance, and ... correctly. Chapeau! Indeed, the sun was even more generous than predicted. Due to unforeseen personal calamities some potential powwowers cancelled their attendance.
However, at the point of assembly it looked like quite a number of enthusiasts fearing going on the boat. They just did not turn up. One of us arrived after having completed a personal cycling marathon from across the country, and joined the improvised excursion to the interesting scuptures and architectural objects Rotterdam boasts. No sooner had we bought the tickets for the harbour tour or we were hurried to the boat which left just two minutes after we boarded it. The tour took 75 minutes and added an informative experience to the powwow.
We arrived a bit early at Humphrey's so some of the group also wanted to have a peek at nearby New York (the historic headquarters of the Holland-America Line). However, the crowd there was so daunting that having a quick drink would not be so quick. They joined the group back at Humphrey's and their number was strenthened by other 'lost sheep' so that dinner could become a most enjoyable happening. Of course, after that there were diehards (me included) to overstay the official Humphrey's welcome. When paying the cashier I asked him if we could get a discount if we would frequent the restaurant more often. He looked at me nonplused. There was apparently a discrepancy between my airy mood and his businesslike attitude. Never mind!

Photos from  Albert Stufkens

Photos from  Henk Peelen

Photos from  Henk Peelen

Photos from  Henk Peelen

Photos from  Henk Peelen

Photos from  Henk Peelen

Photos from  Henk Peelen

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ProZ.com users and members who attended
: organizer : photos : report : host
Henk Peelen
Tatiana Willemsen-Golyandrina
Piet de Jong
Nizamettin Yigit
Inge Dijkstra
Nigel Saych
Hannah Johnson
Margreet Logmans (X)
Albert Stufkens

Postings from ProZians who attended this event

Jan 16 '10  Henk Peelen: Late photo\'s
OK, OK, I have to admit that Hanky Panky\'s photo redirect service is not too fast, but here they are: some additional exclusive never-earlier-published high quality photo\'s I got from Nizamettin!
Jan 16 '08  Henk Peelen: Forgot to say ...
... Im Drachenspracheland hat man natürlich auch Drachenpudding
Jan 16 '08  Albert Stufkens: Dedicated photographer
We were fortunate in having a dedicated photographer and filmer in our midst. Thank you Henk!
Jan 16 '08  Henk Peelen: strororun
Many thanks for your splendid powwow, Albert. Bearing in mind machine translation forces us to "opschorten" our translation activities, I tried to improve "opschort" photographing, so upskirt photographing.


Rotterdam001 standbeeld
Rotterdam002 verboden bromfietsen te plaatsen en w/
Rotterdam003 Bauhaus1
Rotterdam004 Bauhaus2 en Hogeschool Rotterdam
Rotterdam005 Boijmans van Beuningen
Rotterdam006 Ivo, waterbus, Rojas II, Fenny 1, Stavria
Rotterdam007 monument gesneuvelde zeelieden w0II
Rotterdam008 scheepvaartkwartier, wereldmuseum, parkheuvel
Rotterdam009 vlag en Erasmusbrug
Rotterdam010 Euromast, Ocean Palace
Rotterdam011 replica van de Delft
Rotterdam012 Piet Hein, Delfshaven, Pilgrim Fathers
Jan 14 '08  Albert Stufkens: Certain odds
Hi Nigel,
I am glad you had a good return on your investment (staying at Golden Tulip). Indeed, strange things were happening in B.A. I will not go into details on this page but there were a few hiccups that are perhaps attributable to South American hot summer conditions and a change in responsibilities there that led to some astonishing confusion.
Jan 14 '08  Nigel Saych: thanks Albert (3)
Many thanks, Albert for a perfectly arranged POWWOW (or MOMMOd when you held your sign upside down). The preparation and information supply was second to none, you had thoroughly researched everything, and despite your excellent directions it's a pity that not everyone was able to make it to the starting point. There were genuine reasons of course, but (and this is something that you as an organiser cannot really say) I would have hoped that those who had said they were coming would have let you/us know if they couldn't.
I also have the feeling that ProZ did not do your efforts justice; I found out about the event by accident and did not receive the normal e-mail notification. I wonder how many others were denied the pleasure of an enjoyable day out in Rotterdam. OK, quality not quantity; don't let the small numbers deter you from organising another one soon. If B.A. doesn't strike me off the list, I may organise one myself in the coming months....

Jan 14 '08  Margreet Logmans (X): Thanks Albert
I had a very good time, so much so that I plan to take my family for a trip to Rotterdam soon. Thanks for the report and photos too!
Jan 14 '08  Albert Stufkens: Report and photos
Dear friends,
It is all there. Also see my picasa web album for more photos and Humphrey's bill.
So long
Jan 13 '08  Nigel Saych: Happy Sunday
Hello Albert,

I just wanted to say that I am really looking forward to the PowWow in Rotterdam next weekend.

It is next weekend, isn't it; I don't usually get the dates wrong....

Jan 13 '08  Albert Stufkens: Bill and photos
I really enjoyed your company and hope to see you again.
The few photos I took have been uploaded, including the bill.
I made a full report. Depending on Buenos Aires you may read it soon.
Jan 13 '08  Nizamettin Yigit: Thank you Albert
I want to thank you for organizing this powwow. I also want to greet all the people that I met.

I tried to send messages of the a few of you via profiles. Due to limit in the text lenght this turned out to be not productive.

I have uploaded the photos that I took into my FTP. Please send me a message or e-mail (nizam*at*turksvertaler.nl )if you would like to download all of them.

Regards and see you all soon!
Jan 13 '08  Inge Dijkstra: Icy, yet warm ...
Hi Albert,

Thank you so much for a great powwow! Despite the icy wind during the walk and boat trip, it was a warm meeting. Nice to see old friends and meet new ones. Hope to see them all soon again!
Jan 12 '08  Heather Lane: Absence
Hello everyone,
Very sorry for the short notice but due unforseen, rather unfortunate circumstances I shall not be attending this POwWoW.
I hope you have a great time and I look forward ot seeing you all at the nexy one.
Best wishes,
Jan 12 '08  Hannah Johnson: problems
Unfortunately we can't make it for the whole afternoon, can we just join you for dinner instead? Can you tell me what time you'll be there? Sorry for the late notice.
Jan 12 '08  Nigel Saych: minus one
Hello Albert,

Annette has hurt her knee and can hardly walk. I will still be coming but I'm afraid it will be one fewer for the boat trip and meal.

Luckily she doesn't play for PSV....

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