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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Feb 28 ita>eng miniere di fibre sources of fiber pro open no
- Feb 28 ita>eng Lingotto di salmone salmon ingot pro open no
- Feb 27 eng>esl Come in power envuelto en poder pro open no
- Feb 26 eng>esl CREATIVE BEST PRACTICES prácticas mejores creativas pro closed no
- Feb 25 ita>eng inventario di commessa work order inventory pro open no
- Feb 25 eng>esl compromise their witness comprometer a sus testigos pro open no
- Feb 25 eng>esl on the company's dime con sus gastos pagados por la compañía/la empresa pro open no
- Feb 24 esl>eng ejercicio servicial the exercise of service to others pro closed no
- Feb 24 eng>esl supressed suprimida pro open no
- Feb 24 por>eng "Casa Civil" Office of the Governor pro closed ok
- Feb 24 esl>eng centro ictiológico marine field station pro closed no
- Feb 24 esl>eng interdisciplina as an interdisciplinary course of study easy open no
- Feb 24 eng>esl Layer of caring una capa extra de cuidado pro open no
- Feb 23 esl>eng "igualdad y equidad" the difference between equality and equity easy open no
- Feb 22 esl>eng cantor vocalist pro open no
- Feb 21 esl>eng punto de partida y encierra is inclusive of pro closed ok
- Feb 20 esl>eng Inculpabilidad on the grounds of self-defence or innocence pro open no
- Feb 20 esl>eng Hechos materia de Acusación material facts related to the accusation/charges pro open no
- Feb 19 esl>eng Contrato de Garantía guarantee agreement pro open no
4 Feb 19 esl>eng contrato menor minor contract pro closed ok
- Feb 19 esl>eng Oblito surgical object left by (medical) neglect in a person's body pro closed ok
4 Feb 19 fra>eng Attendu que whereas/given that easy closed ok
- Feb 18 ita>eng in ragione della diversità di espressione della sessualità by reason of the diversity of sexual expression pro open no
- Feb 18 esl>eng Anunciación the tree of annunciation pro open no
- Feb 17 esl>eng corresponden a fall to easy closed no
- Feb 17 por>eng seguros de acidentes de trabalho occupational personal accident insurance pro open no
- Feb 16 ita>eng personale dirigente dell'Area 1 Area 1 management personnel easy open no
- Feb 16 por>eng rescaldo prevention (techniques) pro closed no
- Feb 16 fra>eng fait sa toilette washes up easy closed no
- Feb 15 por>eng e seu lugar de fala the venue where she has a voice/can express herself pro closed no
- Feb 12 ita>eng un approfondimento lessicale lexical study easy closed ok
- Feb 11 eng>esl Ombudsman Defensor de Pueblo pro closed no
- Feb 11 esl>eng círculo que conspira chain reaction that undermines pro closed ok
4 Feb 4 por>eng "criação comunitária" community breeding venues/sites/farms pro closed ok
4 Feb 2 fra>eng tranche d'amputation amputated section pro closed ok
4 Jan 31 esl>eng Amainar when the rain let up/abated/died down pro closed ok
- Jan 23 eng>esl it's not my cup of tea no es lo mío/no es mi taza de té pro closed no
4 Jan 19 esl>eng Agua-vida Life-Sustaining Water easy closed ok
- Jan 18 por>eng cumprir o objeto do presente instrumento. fulfill the objective of this (the present) contract pro closed ok
3 Jan 15 fra>eng directeur d'ouvrage editorial director/managing editor pro closed ok
- Jan 14 por>eng Formação sobre Segurança Básica em Mar Alto Basic Security Training for Offshore Operations pro closed ok
- Jan 8 fra>eng Evaluation "hors les murs" (prise de parole au Louvre) "beyond the walls" evaluation (speech at the Louvre) pro open no
- Jan 5 esl>eng Carrera de Medicina practice of medicine/medical profession pro closed ok
4 Dec 30 '20 fra>eng cousins au 5ème degré fifth cousins easy closed ok
- Dec 22 '20 esl>eng haz cerco sobre ellos surround them all all whom they know with a protective shield easy closed ok
- Dec 22 '20 esl>eng todos los seres que frecuentan around all beings in their company easy closed ok
4 Dec 13 '20 ita>eng elevati livelli di servizio with higher/enhanced levels of service easy closed ok
NP Dec 13 '20 esl>eng grupo de 4º curso de educación secundaria fourth-year seccondary education/high school cohort pro closed ok
4 Dec 12 '20 esl>eng el que le dio a sara, aun siendo viejita that He gave to Sarah, in spite of her being old easy closed ok
- Dec 10 '20 eng>esl In the eye of the storm en el corazón de la tormenta pro closed ok
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