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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 22 '20 esl>eng dependiente de instancia particular of a type triggered on a private complaint pro closed ok
- Sep 18 '20 esl>eng Estése a lo obrado en autos (Chi. - disclosure stage) Let the steps taken so far in the proceedings go on record pro closed no
- Sep 17 '20 por>eng Escritura com valor (AmE) Instrument on an ad valorem scale of fees (BrE) Deed chargeable ad valorem pro closed ok
- Sep 17 '20 esl>eng autoridad no dispositiva de la Ley It is the non-optional force of the Law > There is no opt-out authoris/zed by the Law pro open no
- Sep 16 '20 esl>deu Número único Einheitsnummer sowohl zum Ausweis als auch zum Polizei/straf/register pro open no
- Sep 15 '20 eng>ita calling chiamata di causa sul ruolo pro just_closed no
4 Sep 14 '20 esl>eng Anuncia alegato / give / notice of > civ. & crim. > case to be made out pro closed ok
- Sep 14 '20 esl>eng Auto acordado Practice Direction; Plenary-issued Superior-Court Judicial Direction; pro closed no
- Sep 11 '20 por>eng gerenciamento dos processos trabalhista conduct/ing [handling / stewardship] of employment-case litigation pro closed ok
4 Sep 11 '20 deu>esl verzichtbare Rügen, die die Zuläs­sig­keit der Klage betreffen aquellas excepciones libremente renunciables que afectan/en a la admisibilidad de la demanda pro closed ok
4 Sep 11 '20 deu>eng Strafvorstellungen sentencing recommendation/s pro closed ok
4 Sep 9 '20 deu>eng Supertatsacheninstanz the supreme, ultimate arbiter of the facts pro closed ok
4 Sep 9 '20 ita>eng istruttoria e risarcimento nella lesione dell'interesse legittimo (admin. law) assessment and recovery of damages in the injuring of a legimate interest pro closed ok
4 Sep 8 '20 deu>eng Abtretungsmodalitäten ways of transferring; arrangements for the transfer of pro closed ok
- Sep 8 '20 eng>esl Retainer Statement apoderamiento apud acta pro closed no
- Sep 7 '20 deu>esl in Anspruch nehmen responsabilizar de forma (mancomunada y) solidaria pro closed ok
- Sep 7 '20 por>eng oposição de embargos de declaração entry of judicially reviewable objections US: writ of error pro closed ok
- Sep 2 '20 dut>eng bijpak /unlawful/ intermingling or 'lacing' vs. /lawful/ commingling of cargo pro closed ok
- Sep 5 '20 deu>eng Ein Haftstaut erstellen / weiter wie Antrag ohne ( ) Draw up a custodial scheme for remand / to continue as applied for without any ( ) pro closed ok
4 Sep 4 '20 eng>por bound with relief against pessoalmente obrigado / a - porém com direito de recurso ou regresso perante pro closed ok
- Sep 3 '20 deu>esl Haftverhandlung (AT) Audiencia de control de oficio de la prisión preventiva pro closed ok
- Sep 2 '20 ita>eng espropriazione ablatoria a (AmE) condemnation (BrE) comp. purchase in substance, even though a non-requisitioning pro just_closed no
- Sep 1 '20 eng>por Actionable Requirements Exigências ou condições exequíveis pro closed no
- Sep 1 '20 ita>eng bene diffuso diversified asset / of considerable environmental worth / pro closed ok
- Aug 31 '20 ita>eng significando che il processo rientra nelle ipotesi di cui... meaning that the case /for trial / is one that falls within the scenario referred to pro open no
- Aug 30 '20 ita>eng si versa in ipotesi in cui la partecipazione avviene a distanza we delve into scenarios in which there is remote attendance at trial (by video link) pro closed ok
4 Aug 29 '20 por>eng Permuta com torna Land swap subject to a balancing payment pro closed ok
4 Aug 27 '20 por>eng crime de mão própria crime committed by a US: principal in the first degree; UK: sole-principal crime pro closed ok
- Aug 26 '20 esl>eng a título de cargo blaming the latter by way of head of claim for..... pro closed ok
- Aug 25 '20 eng>por seizing captação de negócios pro closed no
- Aug 26 '20 eng>por declare a trust over usufrutuar (seus direitos e obrigações) pro closed no
- Aug 25 '20 fra>eng servir et valoir ce que de droit issued (notarial) to serve and avail where needful /where occasion and need may require pro closed ok
- Aug 24 '20 eng>fra DRAFT DIRECTIONS ORDER Projet de dispositif de jugement dressé par acte d'avocat pour homologation judiciaire pro closed ok
- Aug 23 '20 esl>eng Confesar la privatividad de precios Acknowledge the sufficient, private contractual consideration of prices pro closed no
4 Aug 23 '20 esl>eng reclamo de almirantazgo admiralty claim pro closed ok
- Aug 20 '20 esl>eng legalización del cargo (E&W criminal) court's finding of a case to answer in law pro closed ok
- Aug 20 '20 esl>eng Hecho (No.) (E&W numbered) Particular of Claim ; 'Matter of Fact No.' pro open no
4 Aug 20 '20 sve>eng Erindran till förhör Reminder (notice to witness) of police interview pro closed ok
4 Aug 18 '20 eng>esl as a matter of English law con arreglo al derecho inglés pro closed ok
- Aug 17 '20 por>eng carteira acumulada (Bitcoin etc.) accumulated wallet pro closed ok
4 Aug 16 '20 esl>eng allanamiento by consent pro closed ok
- Aug 16 '20 esl>eng postulado (paramilitary) pre-trial / committal-stage defendant pro closed ok
- Aug 16 '20 por>eng incompatabilidades disqualification/s; conflict-of-interest bars to appointment pro just_closed no
- Aug 14 '20 eng>por Application for permission to issue an additional claim pedido de autorização prévia de promoção de um complemento da reclamação pro closed ok
4 Aug 14 '20 eng>por permission to serve out autorização de notificar atos de processo fora da jurisdição pro closed ok
- Aug 12 '20 esl>eng fórmense las piezas de situación que... let there be made up - into separate bundles - the committal (for trial) papers that.... pro closed no
4 Aug 12 '20 dan>eng bobeholdning ENG: > total assets of a BE: deceased / AE: decedent or of a company SPA> el patrimonio sucesorio pro closed ok
4 Aug 12 '20 dan>eng arvebeholdning (ENG: residue of a BE: decesead's / AE: decedent's estate SPA el remanente de acervo hereditario pro closed ok
- Aug 10 '20 deu>eng zu berichtigender Betrag adjustable amount (of balancing payment) pro closed ok
4 Aug 10 '20 ita>eng Verbale di passaggio agli atti tra vivi di testamento pubblico Affidavit of filing a notarially made Will with the records of lifetime dealings pro closed ok
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