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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Oct 27 sve>eng arv efter någon av mig receive ... an inheritance of any assign or successor of mine / claiming through my estate/ pro closed ok
4 Oct 26 esl>eng corre y vale inserted and stands; corrected and passed pro closed ok
4 Oct 23 esl>deu licda. notaria novena Dipl. jur. Öffentliche Notarin Ordnungsnr. 9 / vom Notarbezirkskreis > Notarin Nr. 9 pro closed ok
4 Oct 23 esl>deu Circuito de la Provincia de Panamá Notarbezirkskreis der Landesprovinz Panamá pro closed ok
4 Oct 26 sve>eng utfående av min laglott obtaining of my statutory entitlement as a forced heir > E&W: 'entrenched portion' of inheritance pro closed ok
- Oct 24 esl>eng Instituyente Appointor/er ; NGO body: Appointing Authority pro closed no
4 Oct 22 ron>eng taxe cu orice titlu taxes on any account / any duties whatsoever and howsoever / pro closed ok
4 Oct 21 fra>eng nul pour l'appelant non comparant no joining of issue / appearance entered/ on the defaulting Appellant's behalf pro closed ok
- Oct 21 esl>eng Homologacion de Fijacion de Obligacion de Manutencion Ratification / by the court / of a Child Support Agreement; E&W Consent Order to Child Maintenance pro closed ok
- Oct 20 fra>eng régie (court context) E&W: 'Imprest Accounts' Court Cashier's Office / RCJ: Senior Courts Costs Office pro closed no
- Oct 16 eng>ron cancellation of marriage anulează o nuntă pro just_closed no
- Oct 19 esl>deu C.R. Urkundsabgleich durchgeführt ; Kürzel des Urkungsbeamten z.B. Cristiano Ronaldo pro just_closed no
- Oct 20 ita>eng quanto liquidato what has been assessed /awarded/ by the Court pro closed no
- Oct 19 esl>eng sobre cuantos derechos le corresponden in respect of whatever rights he is entitled to > are available to > are vested in > him pro open no
- Oct 18 por>eng formação de condomínio creation of a joint tenancy (ownership as coparceners) pro closed ok
- Oct 18 por>eng Tributos em espécie Taxes paid in kind UK: acceptance of property in lieu of tax pro closed no
- Oct 14 eng>fra owned of record (both legally and beneficially) FRA: appartenir formellement (aussi bien à titre d'ayant droit en nue-propriété que d'usufruitier) pro closed ok
- Oct 18 por>eng Ritos Processuais Trial Procedures /E&W: Procedural or Adjectival Law pro closed ok
- Oct 17 por>eng Processe-se pelo rito de inventário To be dealt with by the probate Bra. assent /vesting/ procedure pro just_closed no
- Oct 15 esl>deu casados entre sí en únicas nupcias in jeweils einziger Vermählung miteinander verheiratet pro closed ok
- Oct 13 esl>eng Sala Liquidadora Final Disposals, Case-Clearing Division; US: Transferred-in Cases Division pro open no
4 Oct 11 esl>eng Moción en cumplimiento de orden USA: Motion in compliance with Order pro closed ok
- Oct 10 por>eng escolhem domicílio perante a firma de... (do hereby) elect letterbox address at the firm of ... ; (litigation) for service of process c/o Me pro closed ok
- Oct 10 eng>ron court report expertiză judiciară pro open no
- Oct 10 eng>ron accessory after the fact complice-mușamalizator/ instigator / pro just_closed no
- Oct 7 eng>dut index accident /verzekerings/ tarief verbonden schade pro just_closed no
- Oct 7 eng>dut estate boedel (massa) pro closed ok
4 Oct 7 eng>dut particulars of fault specificatie van schuld (daarstelling van schuld grond / voorwerp) pro closed ok
- Oct 9 eng>por Equity Recipient la parte adquirente de participação patrimonial pro closed ok
- Oct 6 por>eng dolosas civ. & crim. reckless / courses of conduct pro closed ok
- Oct 5 por>eng CERTIDÃO DE REGISTRO DE DISTRIBUIÇÃO DE FEITOS AJUIZADOS Certificate of (AmE) Pending Litigation (BrE) of Record of any Pending Actions Filed pro closed ok
- Oct 3 esl>eng centro de responsabilidad Budgetary Control Centre / Center pro closed ok
- Oct 2 eng>esl lis inter partes en resolver los contenciosos en debate contradictorio pro closed no
- Oct 3 eng>fra to trace the sum of ... into en droit de (faire) rattacher le montant à concurrence de ..... à pro closed ok
- Oct 3 eng>fra traceable proceeds le produit retrouvable en droit de suite pro closed ok
- Oct 2 por>eng decisão recorrida ruling up /patents: over / on appeal; BrE: decision appealed against pro closed no
- Oct 2 esl>eng ejecutor de los fondos activator of the funds pro closed ok
- Sep 30 eng>por Husbandlike and proper administrar como um bom pai de família e de maneira idónea pro open no
4 Sep 29 por>eng Termo de Promessa de Cessão e Aquisição de Direitos Creditórios /Tenor of a/ Preliminary Receivables Factoring - Assignment & Acquisition - Agreement pro closed ok
- Sep 29 esl>eng o de su pertenencia or of the latter's membership of pro closed ok
- Sep 28 esl>eng situados en su periferia lying > located at its edges of contract privity pro closed no
- Sep 25 eng>fra sting in the evidence le coup inattendu et décisif inhérent aux moyens de preuve pro closed no
- Sep 25 esl>eng pudiera proceder de la defensa without such risk .... as may originate from self-defens/ce pro closed ok
- Sep 25 esl>eng disponer ... de su persona y bienes /freely/ arrange ... their individual personal and property affairs pro closed ok
- Sep 24 eng>por civil law notary notário em regime de direito civil pro closed no
- Sep 25 esl>deu apoderado mancomunado y solidario Bevollmächtigter mit Gesamthandlungsvollmacht bzw. Einzel- und Gesamtprokura pro just_closed no
- Sep 24 esl>eng Depuración de activos inmobiliarios. Clearing charges off fixed assets; obtaining clear title to fixed assets pro closed ok
- Sep 24 esl>eng abogada procesalista Litigator; E&W > Solicitor- or Legal Executive-Advocate pro closed ok
- Sep 22 esl>eng de la cual se adelantan las indagaciones against whom (BE) enquiries are pending (AE) inquiries are being pursued pro closed ok
4 Sep 21 .fl>eng kantonnering confinement of foreclosure or the execution debt to the security value pro closed ok
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