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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 15 '19 por>eng Termo de Juntada (crim.) Submission of an Exhibit to be added to the record vs. Schedule of additional Exhibits pro closed ok
- May 15 '19 por>eng pedido de baixa em diligência internal appeal application (referral-back to the Revenue to reconsider its decision) pro closed ok
- May 12 '19 esl>eng superación de cuatro juicios ponderativos surmounting of ('getting past') four weighty tenets pro open no
- May 13 '19 esl>eng en concurso heterogéneo y sucesivo in consistent sequence (a nexus) of unrelated crime pro just_closed no
- May 9 '19 por>eng Providência Tutelar Cível Private Protective (Restraining) Order pro just_closed no
4 May 6 '19 fra>eng Mémoire des qualités Bill of quantities pro closed no
- May 6 '19 fra>eng Droits sur le dossier juridique (contingent) interests in respect of the legal case pro closed ok
- May 2 '19 esl>eng siendo su voluntad desirous as they are (of entering into this Contract / Agreement) pro closed no
- May 2 '19 esl>eng listado de destinación (AmE: docketing) circulation list pro closed ok
- Apr 29 '19 fra>eng chargés également d'assurer la plaidoirie also (Barrister) briefed > (Solicitor-Advocate) instructed > to argue the case /at trial/ pro closed no
- Apr 29 '19 fra>eng maîtres de l'affaire case leaders pro closed ok
- Apr 29 '19 esl>eng afecta a la causa used in the case pro closed no
- Apr 29 '19 fra>eng vaudrait versement would pass (be acceptable) for payment pro closed no
4 Apr 28 '19 ita>eng chiamare in causa terzi a rilievo o a garanzia (as defendant/s) join in third parties for a contribution (relief) or an indemnity pro closed ok
4 Apr 27 '19 esl>eng invitados de cortesía protocolarios (Col.) private guests invited according to courtesy protocol pro closed ok
- Apr 26 '19 esl>eng orden de reaprehension (AmE & BrE) bench warrant pro closed ok
- Apr 26 '19 por>eng Execução de título extrajudicial Enforcement of a document usable out-of-court and enforceable in court pro closed no
4 Apr 26 '19 esl>eng Magistrado Procurador fiscal Senior /Prosecuting (E&W: Treasury) Counsel; (Scotland) /Procurator Fiscal pro closed ok
4 Apr 26 '19 esl>eng el vínculo de comitente a preposé the principal-agent nexus pro closed ok
4 Apr 25 '19 esl>eng distrito fiscal Prosecutor's District pro closed ok
- Apr 25 '19 ita>eng intervenuta prescrizione the (statutory) time limit having passed ('being up'). pro closed no
4 Apr 24 '19 fra>eng sans recours contre without any (right of legal) redress against pro closed ok
4 Apr 23 '19 fra>eng clauses de correction (post-nup) adjustment (ex aequo et bono/in all fairness) clauses pro closed ok
4 Apr 23 '19 fra>eng clauses de participation sharing (of after-acquired property) clauses pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '18 cat>eng com a instància cridada a interpretar prima facie with the (form of) proposal required to be interpreted (construed) on the face of it ..... pro closed no
- Apr 19 '19 por>eng Não é obrigado à caução (BrE) Security or suretyship is not required pro closed no
- Apr 17 '19 fra>eng Après lecture faite par le suspect, qui declare y persister et signe avec nous Read through by the suspect who does stand thereby and signs it along with myself pro closed no
4 Apr 17 '19 fra>eng a fait pratiquer...à charge de...entre les mains de X has caused to be levied.... against Y ... (on the a/c frozen or earnings attached) with... Z pro closed ok
4 Apr 12 '19 por>eng cartório do único ofício (Brazil) Sole-Divisional Register Office pro closed no
- Apr 15 '19 ita>eng mercè la presente by virtue of these presents pro closed ok
4 Apr 14 '19 ita>eng atti ad offendere offensive weapons pro closed ok
- Apr 14 '19 esl>eng en uso y ejercicio de sus propios derechos availing herself of - and exercising - her own rights (sui juris) pro closed ok
- Apr 14 '19 esl>eng nombrada name: easy closed ok
4 Apr 14 '19 esl>eng a la que fije e inutilice to which (she) does affix and cancel (by crossing out) pro closed ok
- Apr 14 '19 esl>eng con carácter probatorio with (conclusive) evidentiary force pro closed ok
- Apr 14 '19 esl>eng rogante applicant (for an affidavit); requesting party pro closed ok
4 Apr 12 '19 esl>eng se tome en consideración este escrito admitiendo a trámite (that) this submission (E&W: statement of case) be taken into account, giving leave to entertain pro closed no
- Apr 11 '19 esl>eng previa oportuna convocatoria (the following persons gathered to attend) a meeting having been duly called pro closed no
- Apr 10 '19 esl>eng traslado que con la presente se confiere (crim) disclosure of material/(civ. US) discovery of evidence that is granted herewith pro open no
- Apr 9 '19 esl>eng plexo ritual (Arg. > (civil & commercial 'loose-leaf') corpus of procedural or adjectival law pro closed no
- Apr 8 '19 fra>eng précepte normatif a standard (story)line; a ritual rule of thumb pro just_closed no
4 Apr 7 '19 esl>eng a su ejecución at implementation thereof (judicial or admin. levy of execution) pro closed no
4 Apr 6 '19 esl>eng Titular de la Defensa (Mex) National Defenc/se Secretary; Head of Defenc/se pro closed no
NP Apr 6 '19 esl>eng defensa tecnica Defenc/se handled routinely by an abogado/Attorney-at-Law pro open no
4 Apr 6 '19 esl>eng no reuniendo alguno de los requisitos de la ley No. 18216, no se concede ninguno none of the Act No. 18216 ('combined sentencing') requirements being met, none of them is granted pro closed no
NP Apr 5 '19 esl>eng concurso heterogéneo in a nexus (series) of multiple offending (variously combined with concealment) pro open no
- Apr 5 '19 esl>eng la prescripción gradual de la pena (Chile) partial (parole) discount of the sentence (tapered) mid-term pro open no
- Apr 4 '19 esl>eng Comunica Principio de Oportunidad Notice of (the Doctrine of) Discretion to Prosecute pro open no
- Apr 3 '19 esl>eng Dirección de Despacho, Mesa de Entradas y Atención al Público (Arg.) Sorting Department, Post Inwards and Help Desk pro closed no
- Apr 3 '19 fra>eng du moins depuis temps non prescrit dating back at least to a time unbarred; at least from time unbarred pro closed ok
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