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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Feb 13 '07 eng>esl to run true sigió el ejemplo easy closed no
- Feb 4 '07 esl>eng quimbara just "quimbara" ... a blend of high speed salsa, hip hop, and traditional guaguanco easy closed no
- Feb 2 '07 esl>eng se desprendieron bade farewell one by one easy closed ok
4 Feb 2 '07 esl>eng el sol avanzaba sobre la tierra as the sun moved/slipped over the earth easy closed ok
- Feb 2 '07 esl>eng cayeron sobre las nubes rested on the clouds easy closed ok
- Jan 30 '07 eng>eng Beckhamesque Beckhamesque easy closed ok
4 Jan 19 '07 eng>eng That's been along for a while it's been around for some time easy closed ok
NP Nov 27 '06 eng>eng You've got a case of the bumbles! lack of coordination/wobbly easy closed no
- Nov 10 '06 eng>eng to Belt running very fast/like lightning easy closed no
- Oct 4 '06 eng>deu 'Look before you leap' (in the following context!) Erst denken, dann lenken. easy closed no
4 Oct 3 '06 eng>deu tea Tee easy closed no
4 Sep 30 '06 eng>eng that I have that I have (indeed) got to grips with him easy closed no
- Sep 6 '06 fra>eng fluidité de ses traits flowing style easy just_closed no
4 Jun 17 '06 deu>eng zieht alle Register pulls out all the stops easy closed no
NP Jun 5 '06 eng>eng True Thomas de Rhymer Thomas the Rhymer easy closed no
- May 20 '06 deu>eng wann immer es ihm gefällt when(ever) the fancy takes him/ whenever he feels like it easy closed ok
- Mar 29 '06 deu>eng verklemmt shy, self-conscious, repressed easy closed ok
- Mar 1 '06 eng>eng for a reason under any circumstances easy closed no
- Mar 1 '06 ita>eng nato da un'idea di born/ arising from an idea by easy closed ok
- Feb 28 '06 deu>eng Puppenstube doll gallery easy open no
- Feb 1 '06 eng>eng difficult question definitely "a" easy closed no
- Jan 26 '06 esl>eng travesti transvestite easy closed ok
4 Jan 21 '06 deu>eng hat sie ihrem Sitzplatz liegen gelassen ended up leaving it on her seat out of (sheer) excitement easy closed no
3 Jan 20 '06 deu>eng MacDowells Vater Marion bestätigte dem US-Magazin "People", dass seine Tochter i MacDowell's father Marion confirmed to the US magazine "People" that his daughter had phoned him at easy closed ok
- Jan 20 '06 deu>eng jmd. etw. nicht nehmen können not take away from easy closed no
4 Jan 12 '06 esl>eng vale la pena seguir con la farsa que somos?? is it really worth carrying on with the farce we have become? easy closed no
- Nov 17 '05 eng>esl stand for? Qué significa/ representa John Doe? easy closed no
- Nov 9 '05 deu>eng Du hast you've got what it takes easy closed ok
- Oct 20 '05 eng>eng devil-may-care way cheerfully irresponsibe easy closed no
- Sep 14 '05 eng>eng stray homeless, ownerless easy closed ok
- Aug 5 '05 eng>por charity love/ amor easy closed ok
4 Aug 3 '05 esl>eng a la vez one thing/ step at a time easy closed no
- Jul 26 '05 deu>eng wie geht's dir? How's it going? easy closed ok
- Jun 21 '05 deu>eng Ich hoffe ich bin da bei dir richtig. I hope I've come to the right "address" easy closed ok
- Jun 2 '05 eng>eng "in" or "on" the second semester in/ during easy closed ok
- Jun 1 '05 eng>esl at my wit`s end desesperado easy closed ok
- May 20 '05 por>eng suplente stand in easy closed ok
4 May 10 '05 eng>lat i think cogito easy closed ok
- May 7 '05 deu>eng verhageln complicate easy closed no
- May 6 '05 esl>eng subversivo subversive(s) easy closed no
4 May 6 '05 fra>eng Auto-da- fé act of faith easy closed ok
- Apr 27 '05 deu>eng wenig später was soon (to herald/ bring about the end of Boeing's dominance in the jumbo jet market) easy closed ok
- Feb 23 '05 eng>deu This is it! Da haben wir's geschafft! easy closed no
- Feb 21 '05 fra>eng quand il faut aller, faut y aller if you gotta go for it, go for it easy closed ok
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