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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Dec 27 '10 eng>eng dish free meal or literally a free plate easy closed no
- Nov 1 '10 esl>eng fue la sincronía perfecta de un todo conectado everything fell into place easy closed ok
- Jun 15 '10 eng>esl pat of butter una porción de manteca easy closed ok
4 Jun 4 '10 deu>eng im Rahmen eines Briefes were informed in writing easy closed ok
- May 19 '10 deu>eng Desweiteren (currently) not much more easy closed no
4 Feb 3 '10 eng>eng lead him by the hand taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom easy closed no
4 Jan 30 '10 eng>esl "Daresay" "You think, I daresay, that they are asleep?" supongo easy closed no
- Dec 17 '09 deu>esl sich aussetzen presentarse ante la gente easy closed no
- Oct 26 '09 esl>eng CANIJILLO bad egg easy open no
- Sep 5 '09 deu>eng Ein Wort gab das andere one thing led to another easy closed no
- Aug 12 '09 por>eng as cores da nossa bandeira has represented Brazil/waved the flag for our country easy closed ok
- Aug 3 '09 esl>fra si lo hay si existe easy closed no
- Jun 28 '09 eng>lat Adversity gives strength fortis in procella easy open no
- Apr 15 '09 eng>esl That sucks for her No tiene la menor chance!/Ya sonó! easy closed ok
- Apr 13 '09 lat>eng Vivat Europa! Long live Europe! easy open no
- Mar 25 '09 eng>esl not one to conform no era para nada conformista easy closed no
4 Oct 11 '08 eng>lat live for today carpe diem easy closed no
3 Aug 27 '08 eng>esl a "blessing in disguise" bendición disfrazada easy closed no
- Aug 27 '08 eng>esl The land Ironclads Los Acorazados de Tierra easy open no
4 Jul 27 '08 eng>lat I am sum easy closed no
- Jul 27 '08 eng>eng his blood still in his veins (as if) suspended easy closed no
- Jun 26 '08 eng>eng the voice was rich and warm full and harmonious easy closed no
- May 30 '08 esl>eng Porcelanicron porcelanicron/cold porcelain easy closed no
- May 28 '08 por>eng "memória descritiva e justificativa" descriptive and substantiating report easy open no
4 May 23 '08 por>eng Faculdade de Letras Faculty of Arts/Arts Faculty easy closed ok
- May 18 '08 esl>eng Quien tuvo retuvo (she) keeps going strong easy closed ok
- May 8 '08 esl>deu ¿Te gustaría bailar conmigo?. Willst Du/Wollen Sie mit mir tanzen? easy closed no
4 Apr 5 '08 esl>fra soñé con... J'ai rêvé de (la) France easy closed no
4 Mar 31 '08 gae>eng sin eile that's another ???? easy closed no
4 Mar 6 '08 eng>fra Cock-a-doodle-doo cocorico easy closed ok
- Feb 19 '08 eng>eng TV television-style (i.e. picture book) easy closed no
4 Feb 18 '08 eng>eng light meters heaped around the ankles of this trio the sheer number of exposure meters/metres swamping/around (the ankles/feet of) this threesome/trio easy closed no
- Dec 21 '07 eng>eng red Porsche the woman of his dreams easy closed ok
4 Dec 1 '07 eng>eng strong jawline a pronounced and solid jawbone structure easy closed no
4 Nov 30 '07 deu>eng Wahnsinn you're amazing/cool/wild easy closed no
4 Nov 29 '07 eng>eng unsolved rape rape casess in which the police have not been able to find the rapist easy closed no
4 Nov 5 '07 eng>eng wet slices of coconut fresh and juicy slices of coconut easy closed no
- Oct 18 '07 eng>eng it brought home to me I became absolutely conscious/aware of the fact that easy closed ok
4 Jun 24 '07 eng>esl above and beyond más allá de easy closed ok
- May 31 '07 esl>eng Dios mediante, nos reuniremos la semana que viene. God willing easy closed no
4 May 30 '07 fra>eng musique enfantine children's music easy closed no
4 May 29 '07 eng>eng The capital city of Ankara the capital city of Ankara easy closed no
3 May 27 '07 fra>eng les memes ondes esthetiques we share the same aesthetic tastes (or as you say) easy closed ok
4 May 9 '07 deu>eng durchdreht I'm sitting here (and) waiting for her to panic easy closed no
4 Apr 3 '07 eng>esl coinage neologismo easy closed no
- Mar 29 '07 fra>eng je te le dis and that's a fact easy closed ok
4 Mar 3 '07 esl>eng montaje sincopado syncopated editing easy closed no
4 Feb 25 '07 fra>eng Le derniere des raisins The big loser easy closed ok
- Feb 24 '07 fra>eng paroles d’êtres imparfaits utterances of souls in their imperfectness easy closed ok
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