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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Oct 21 '09 ita>eng fatti commessi acts committed pro closed ok
4 Oct 21 '09 ita>eng spendere la Sua persona to use use your name directly pro closed no
- Oct 21 '09 ita>eng compare più avanti (the witness) appears later or later on pro just_closed no
4 Oct 21 '09 ita>eng contumacia The Court set aside the statement of default or non appearance pro closed no
- Oct 20 '09 ita>eng sostituto processuale substitution of parties pro closed ok
4 Oct 20 '09 ita>eng volturazione cadastral registration change pro closed ok
4 Oct 20 '09 ita>eng livello comunale for the municipal land registry, (the property) originates from ...... pro closed no
4 Oct 20 '09 ita>eng responsabilità processuale aggravata abuse of process pro closed no
4 Oct 17 '09 ita>eng assolvimento Payment pro closed ok
4 Oct 9 '09 ita>eng contraente ceduto obligor pro closed ok
4 Oct 9 '09 ita>eng sub 1 attached under (exhibit/schedule) 1 hereto pro closed ok
4 Oct 7 '09 ita>eng di imperio mandatorily establish the residence of the minors as London pro closed no
4 Oct 7 '09 ita>eng Reietta ogni contraria istanza, eccezione e deduzione dismissing all and any contrary claims, pleas and arguments pro closed ok
4 Oct 7 '09 ita>eng sottoposizione subject to antimafia proceedings pursuant to article ... pro closed no
- Oct 7 '09 ita>eng sentenze e mediazioni rulings and settlements pro closed ok
- Oct 6 '09 ita>eng titolo executivo europeo enforceable in all EU jurisdictions pro closed ok
- Oct 2 '09 ita>eng beni e servizi strumentali business operating goods and services pro just_closed ok
4 Oct 1 '09 ita>eng rinuncia al diniego waiver of quit notice/of refusal to extend rental for further term pro closed no
- Oct 1 '09 ita>eng denuncia giudiziaria di reato report the crime/offence automatically prosecutable by Public Prosecutor's Ofice pro closed ok
- Sep 8 '09 ita>eng clausole vessatorie unfair clauses pro closed ok
NP Sep 2 '09 ita>eng giudice ordinario Ordinary judge or judiciary pro open no
- Aug 25 '09 ita>eng insinuazione fallimentare proving in bankruptcy claims pro closed ok
4 Aug 23 '09 ita>eng titolo concessorio authorisation/permit pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '09 ita>eng atto integrat. supplementary act (UAR) pro open no
4 Aug 12 '09 ita>eng CTR Regional Tax & Customs Tribunal pro closed ok
4 Aug 6 '09 ita>eng sono state convenute le modalità di liberalizzazione del prezzo the methods/procedures for agreeing price liberalisation/reform/policy have been agreed pro closed no
- Jul 31 '09 ita>eng mandato registration pro closed ok
4 Jul 28 '09 ita>eng a mero titolo esemplificativo e non esaustivo including but not limited to pro closed ok
- Jul 22 '09 ita>eng effetto utile useful effect pro open no
- Jul 22 '09 ita>eng Accordo istitutivo/accordi istitutivi formal agreement/s for setting up the works council pro closed ok
4 Jun 19 '09 ita>eng imputazione entry pro closed ok
4 Jun 9 '09 ita>eng indicatività e non essenzialità delivery terms are an indication only and are (shall not be deemed) not binding pro closed no
- Jun 9 '09 ita>eng esuberanza di leva exonerated from military service due to conscription targets already satified pro closed no
4 May 18 '09 ita>eng controparti the opposing or opposite parties/litigation friend pro closed no
- May 4 '09 ita>eng in punto di periculum on the point of law regarding periculum pro closed ok
- May 3 '09 ita>eng Il tutto con promessa fin d'ora di rato e valido da esaurirsi in unico contesto. forthwith pro closed no
4 May 3 '09 ita>eng Inserzioni civetta teaser advertisements/pre-emption pro closed ok
4 Apr 13 '09 ita>eng veicoli da piazza motor vehicles for public hire pro closed ok
- Mar 6 '09 ita>eng Quanto ad in the amount of pro closed no
- Mar 6 '09 ita>eng transazione saldo e stralcio settling and releasing from all any any claims brought by XXX spa pro closed ok
- Mar 6 '09 ita>eng a vario titolo under a number of claims pro closed ok
4 Mar 6 '09 ita>eng Premesso WHEREAS pro closed no
- Mar 4 '09 ita>eng astratta configurabilita elements for the abstract existence pro closed no
- Feb 24 '09 ita>eng P.I.S.A. Public Registry record no. pro closed no
4 Feb 19 '09 ita>eng in sede di legittimità in the Supreme Court pro closed ok
4 Feb 19 '09 ita>eng fissa all'articolo embedded in article pro closed ok
- Feb 19 '09 ita>eng per tutte (in this context) one leading judgment representing/by way of example of other decisions pro closed ok
4 Feb 18 '09 ita>eng V.G docket/case number of voluntary jurisdiction pro closed no
- Feb 17 '09 ita>eng Cod.Oper.Econ. EORI reference number pro just_closed no
4 Feb 7 '09 ita>eng in regime di libertà di prestazione di servizio o di stabilimento right of establishment and freedom to provide services pro closed ok
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