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Short Description Outsourcer verified completion of work User manuals for household appliances and toys
Job Type777 Translation
Languages pairs English to Polish
General Fields Tech/Engineering
Specific Fields
Furniture / Household Appliances
Volume 10000 words
Date completed Dec 2011
Keywords household appliances, white goods, user manual, safety, coffee maker, food processor, toys, hair dryer, trimmer, steam cooker, grill, microwave oven, cooker, refrigerator
Comment The project is in fact ongoing and I have worked on it for more than 5 years now. Thousands of pages of various user manuals: safety, assembly, maintenance, cleaning and utilization. Texts addressed to the general public (users), so they are not very technical, however, clarity, precision and simplicity require from a translator care and attention to every detail. Another typical problem with such texts is a relatively high risk of producing loan translations instead of employing customary phrases (e.g. for such sentences as "Keep away from children"). Fortunately, I have managed to work out my own technique for avoiding such pitfalls.
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Jan 15, 2012 12:45 GMT
Outsourcer Moroko Int'l Ltd

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